Flag of North Dakota
North Dakota flag
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North Dakota flag

> 100% Made in USA with American labor and materials
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North Dakota state flag

The North Dakota flag, adopted in 1911, consists of a navy blue field with a bald eagle with outstretched wings in the center. In its talons he clutches an olive branch of peace and a bundle of arrows. In its beak is a banner with the nation’s motto, “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” Below is another banner with the state’s name, “NORTH DAKOTA.” Above the eagle is a group of 13 stars and a gold crown bent over the top. This flag is almost exactly the same as the banner carried by the state’s troops during the Philippine-American War.

All of our flags at Star Spangled Flags are 100% made in the USA from start to finish! We use a tough, nylon fabric to hold up outdoors, extra stitching on the fly end of the flag, and a special UV coating to prevent fading from the sun.

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North Dakota flag, Made in USA

North Dakota, the land of honey, sunflowers, lawn mower racing, the largest pancake and the largest burger. It’s located in the upper Midwestern portion of the country and bordered by Montana on its west, South Dakota on its west, Minnesota on its west, and Manitoba on its north.

Its official nickname is “The Peace Garden State,” but it’s also known to be the Flickertail State, which pertains to the Richardson ground squirrels abundant in the area. Another nickname for North Dakota is “The Roughrider State,” which started in the 60s to promote tourism. The name Roughrider refers to the cavalry President Roosevelt organized during the Spanish-American war.

There are a lot of interesting and quirky things going on in North Dakota and they show in some of the crazy laws that exist in the state. More North Dakota Flag questions are .

  • It is considered illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on.
  • A person may do jail-time for sporting a hat while dancing or going to a function where there is dancing.
  • It is illegal to serve beer and pretzels at the same time.
  • Fireworks may not be lighted or set off after 11PM, there goes New Year celebrations.
  • It is considered legal to shoot a Native American (Indian) on horseback, provided you’re riding in a covered wagon.

North Dakotans may have some quirkiness when it comes to their laws and regulations, but they do know how to have fun. Here are some of their famous celebrations and events.

  • North Dakota State Fair – July
    This celebration has 10 stages; 3 rodeo nights, 3 auto-events nights, a big concert, a carnival, exhibits and livestock entertainment, and various fun competitions. This fun-filled event draws an annual crowd of a million annually.
  • Big Iron Farm Show – September
    This farm show attracts and unites over 800 agri-exhibitors and draws more than 70,000 fans to West Fargo. The main objective of this event is to advance agriculture. It shows the latest equipment and machineries used in farming, and other farm technologies.
  • Norsk Hostfest – October
    A Scandinavian themed festival that is considered to be the largest in North America. It celebrates with food, music, clothes, art and jewelry. Over 200 chefs, craftsmen, and artisans participate in this event.
  • Mandan Rodeo Days Celebration – July
    This event features concerts, rodeo shows, carnival, dancing, baseball, road races, golf tourney, fireworks, and of course a colorful parade. It’s included in the “Top 100 Events in America” and always a big crowd drawer for the state.
  • Fort Union Trading Post Rendezvous – June
    This celebration dates back to the time of the Fort Union Trading Post during the 19th century. It showcases the skills very profitable during those times such as beaver skinning, Blacksmithing, brain tanning, bow making, flint knapping and other crafts.

Are you from North Dakota? Proud of your state? Show it! Fly a flag or display one in your home during a state or national celebration. Support your state. Fly a flag.

Want a flag that looks good, flies high, and lasts longer than other flags you’ll ever find on the market? Reach out to us! We design our flags to be beautiful and strong! Each strand is treated to withstand North Dakota’s climate so you’re sure to have a flag that you can pass on to the younger generation. Contact us today!
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