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Ohio flag
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Ohio flag

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Ohio state flag

The Ohio flag, adopted in 1902, is unique in that it is the only U.S. state flag that is not rectangular. Instead, it is a triangular swallowtail flag design, with 3 red and 2 horizontal white stripes. On the left side is a blue triangular field with a red circle within a white circle, and 17 white stars surrounding them representing it as the 17th state to join the Union.

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Ohio flag, Made in USA

Ohio, from an Iroquois word meaning “large creek” or “great river.” It’s known as the Buckeye State and bordered by West Virginia on its southeast, Kentucky on its south, Indiana on its west, Canada on its north, Michigan on its northwest and Pennsylvania on its east. Other nicknames are The Mother of Presidents, the Birthplace of Aviation and The Heart of it All.

The major industries include manufacturing, bioscience, plastics, rubber, electrical, appliances, fabricated metals, trade, transportation, utilities and green economy. More Ohio Flag questions are .

There are lots of reasons to visit Ohio. Here are five of them.
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – a favorite stop for music aficionados. It showcases music geniuses from various time periods.
  • 4 Hocking Hills State Park – a popular, rugged park perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a great place to hike, explore caves, set up camp, and enjoy other outdoor activities.
  • Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park – a tribute to the Wright Brothers and Paul Laurence Dunbar. It showcases vintage parks, airplanes, early railroad photos and historic buildings.
  • Cedar Point – an amusement park and resort that boasts of intense rides and friendly rides for children.
  • Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden – a changing indoor and outdoor landscape of flowers and plants.

Ohio also has crazy laws:

  • It is deemed illegal to color and sell rabbits and baby poultry. (R.C. §925.62) (’75 Code, §618.06) (Ord. 728-1973, passed 12-18-73) Penalty, see §92.99
  • It is illegal to make an arrest on a Sunday or on the 4th of July (Section 2331.12 House Bill 1)
  • Skateboarding after dark is prohibited (Section 139.14 Skateboarding Ord. 41-1991)
Famous Ohio Celebrations
  • Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks at P&G Riverfest – September
    The Riverfest is one of the city’s biggest crowd drawers. Over half a million Riverfest fans attend this event. It features live bands, skydiving, live art, family activities and fireworks.
  • Oktoberfest ZinZinnati – September
    This is one of the major events in Cincinnati and the largest Oktoberfest in North America. It highlights live entertainment, German folk dances, more than a hundred booths offering beer, wine, food and crafts, accordion players on the streets, rides, and activities for kids.
  • Mid America Boat Show – January
    This event showcases all kinds of boats and marine equipment. The newest cruisers and boating accessories including insurance and banking aspect of this trade.

Are you a proud Buckeye? Want to show how much you appreciate the uniqueness of your state? Fly a flag or display one in your home! Show true Buckeye pride!

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Have you come across the Ohio flag? The Buckeye State has an official state. It features white stars against a blue background and alternating red-and-white stripes against a white background, which of course is similar to the American flag. The Ohio state flag, however, only features 17 stars and five stripes. To learn more about the state banner of Ohio, keep reading.

#1) Known as the Ohio Burgee

The Ohio flag has its own name: the Ohio Burgee. Many residents throughout the Buckeye State and abroad refer to it as the Ohio Burgee. The use of a nickname isn’t exclusive to the Ohio state flag. Other state flags have their respective nickname. Nonetheless, the Ohio flag is commonly referred to as the Ohio Burgee.

#2) Adopted in 1902

The official flag of Ohio has been around for over a century. It was adopted on May 8, 1902. Ohio, of course, was a state long before the adoption of its official flag. It wasn’t until 1902 when Ohio State Representative William McKinnon passed a bill designing an official flag for the Buckeye State.

#3) Triangle Shape

A distinguishing feature of the Ohio state flag is its shape. All other official state flags have a rectangular shape. The flag of Ohio is different because it’s the only official state flag to have a triangular shape. This is essentially why it’s known as the Ohio Burgee. A burgee is a triangular-shaped flag that’s flown on ships. The Ohio flag features this same triangular, pennant-like shape, thus leading to the nickname of the Ohio Burgee.

#4) Requires a Special Folding Method

Because of its triangular shape, the Ohio state flag requires a special folding method. It can’t be folded like other state flags, nor can it be folded like the American flag. All other flags have a rectangular shape, so they use the same folding method. The flag of Ohio features a triangular shape that requires an alternative folding method. Ohio lawmakers have designated a special folding method for the flag. It consists of 17 individual folds, and it involves two people. Using this method, the Ohio flag can be properly folded in a neat and orderly fashion.

#5) Triangles Represent Steep Hills

The triangles in the Ohio state flag represent steep hills. On the Eastern side of the Buckeye State is hilly terrain. In the flag of Ohio, you’ll see several triangles. It features a triangular shape as well as triangles included in its design. All of these triangles represent the steep hills with which Ohio’s terrain is commonly associated.

What is the pledge to the state of Ohio flag?

To commemorate the Ohio flag’s one hundredth birthday, on November 1st 2002, the Ohio General Assembly adopted a pledge to their state Flag. The pledge states, “I salute the flag of the State of Ohio and pledge to the Buckeye State respect and loyalty.” According to the legislature, Ohio residents should recite the state pledge upon completing the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the United States flag.

Who designed the flag of Ohio and when was it adopted?

The Ohio flag was designed by John Eisenmann in 1901 for the Pan-American Exposition and adopted in 1902. Before that, for nearly a century after statehood, Ohio had no legally authorized state flag.

Who created the special way to fold the Ohio flag and how do you fold it?

The method for folding the Ohio flag was created by Alex Weinstock, an Ohio Boy Scout for his Eagle Scout service project. The procedure was passed by the 125th Ohio General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Bob Taft on February, 15 2005. The Ohio flag is a swallowtail flag and is officially folded in 17 steps and requires two people.
These are the steps to folding the Ohio flag: With the flag unfolded, fold the flag in half lengthwise so that the points of the flag are aligned. Fold the flag in half lengthwise a second time to form a long strip with the red disc facing the ground. Next, fold the pointed end back onto itself to form a rectangle. These steps entail three folds. Starting on the end formed by the fold of the pointed end back onto itself, fold two inches of the flag onto itself for a flag with a three-foot hoist and a five-foot fly, or another appropriate width of fold for a flag of a different size. Repeat the folds a total of fourteen times, alternating the folds in a fan-like manner. The result is a total of seventeen folds symbolizing that Ohio was the seventeenth state admitted to the Union. Finally, neatly and snugly wrap the remaining length of flag around the fan-folds to form a compact rectangle.

What is the Ohio state flag’s official design and what does it represent?

As defined in the Ohio Revised Code the Ohio state flag design and representation is as follows: The flag of the state shall be burgee-shaped. It shall have three red and two white horizontal stripes that represent the roads and waterways of the state. The union of the flag shall be seventeen five-pointed stars, white in a blue triangular field that represents the state’s hills and valleys, the base of which shall be the staff end or vertical edge of the flag, and the apex of which shall be the center of the middle red stripe. The stars shall be grouped around a red disc superimposed upon a white circular “O”. The thirteen stars grouped around the “O” represent the original states of the United States and the four stars added to the peak of the triangle symbolize that Ohio was the seventeenth state admitted to the union. The “O” represents the “O” in “Ohio” and suggests the state’s nickname, the Buckeye State.

Where can I buy an Ohio flag?

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