4 Quick Tips Learned from the Military

#1: 7 Things Drill Sergeants Taught Me About Life

Paula Davis-Laack writing for huffingtonpost.com takes us with her on her heartfelt journey of moving from a life of commercial real estate law to teaching reliance to soldiers and how she learned more from them than she taught. Coming from a life growing up with a grandfather who was a WWII veteran, Paula understood what not having reliance training and help can do to a person who has seen combat. The article centers on the life lessons she got from the soldiers and how those lessons changed her as a person. From learning how to not sweat the small stuff to realizing that being your authentic self is cool, her endeavors to help soldiers ended up providing her with a profound personal transformation. Read this inspirational article here.

#2: What the Military Taught Me

Former US Navy and US Army reserve soldier Don Purdum writing for donpurdum.com gives a personal inside look at the lessons he learned from his military service. Far from only being useful in the military, his service and time with his fellow soldiers taught him a lot about life, business and how to be a good human being. He also shares with us his interpretation of service to others and how what he learned in the military also taught him how to be a good human being and husband. This heartfelt article is very encouraging and his sharing inspires us to never give up on our dreams. Read this entire insightful article here.


#3: 11 Things the Military Teaches You About Leadership

If you’ve ever wondered just how much your military service translates into the civilian corporate world, you’ll want to read this article by Alison Griswold for businessinsider.com. In it, she speaks with CEOs and other former military veterans who are now heads of corporations to get their take on how their military experience helped them in the corporate world. The answers may surprise you. Whether you’re at the top of your company’s ladder, or just getting started, your military ethics and experience will make you a valuable member of any civilian work team. From learning how to listen to everyone and work together as a cohesive team, to making sure to take care of your “troops” the lessons learned while serving their country have stood these corporate giants in good stead. Check out all the interviews by reading the full article here.

#4: Top 10 Tips and Tricks We Learned from the Military

Melanie Pinola writing for lifehacker.com, brings us this article on some very practical things one learns from being in the military. From learning how to spot what real drowning looks like to learning how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, the lessons learned in the military are ones that will stay with you your whole life. There’s also some great practical advice such as the best ways to pack for a trip and the best diet to observe if you want to avoid jet lag on a long trip. The insight and lessons you will get from reading the full article here, are well worth the time.

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