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Developed Military Habits

The military is arguably the most storied and respected branch of the government in the United States. The countless men and women who have died through the years have helped to provide and sustain the freedom that we are now blessed with today.  The military is also one of the most habit forming professions in

Top Jobs for Veterans

When it comes to transitioning from a life of military service work into the civilian workforce, some veterans feel like they are at a disadvantage. However, as we have found in the following articles, not only are many companies looking to hire veterans for all of their specialized skills, but also because they find veterans

Teaching Patriotism and Respect

Sometimes, it appears that the younger generations may not place a very high value on patriotism. As Americans, we are obligated to instill this feeling of national pride into the ensuing generation, ensuring they understand the sacrifices made by countless men and women that preceded them to secure their present day freedoms and liberties. Whether

4 Quick Tips Learned from the Military

#1: 7 Life Lessons I Learned from Drill Sergeants Paula Davis-Laack writing for huffingtonpost.com takes us with her on her heartfelt journey of moving from a life of commercial real estate law to teaching reliance to soldiers and how she learned more from them than she taught. Coming from a life growing up with a

Best Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

Discovering that you’re on the path to becoming a parent, grandparent, or an aunt or uncle is an elevating and deeply touching experience. The unexpectedness of these moments often brings a delightful mix of happiness and excitement, which unsurprisingly results in some outstanding video clips. We’ve hand-picked some of our best-loved reveal videos from across

Transitioning to Reality

Serving in the military is one of the most challenging and strenuous journeys one can pursue. Yet, it can also be the most rewarding and advantageous experience for many individuals. However, navigating the transition from military service to civilian life can be a complex task. The civilian world drastically differs from the daily operations and

Newest Celebrities: These Soldiers — Lip Syncing

We know that our men and women in uniform have a tough job and are often in dangerous situations that make the rest of us tremble. However, every now and then they get a break and when they do, they like to create some fun videos for those of us at home waiting anxiously and

Needed: Drone Pilots

Drone Pilots Get a Serious Raise from the Air Force While so many service men and women are working for very little, it seems the folks operating the drones are getting hit even harder according to this article by Mike Hoffman for defensetech.org. Lower on the pay scale, and asked to work much longer hours

True Military Friendly Workplaces

Veterans have made a strong contribution to this country in too many ways to count. Although everyone wants to be seen as being military friendly, it also seems that too many businesses don’t really have a commitment to actually be as military friendly of a workplace as they could. This means more than just giving

Flying on a Fighter Jet

There’s nothing so heart stopping and so awe inspiring as watching a fighter jet do just about anything, including just sit there. We wanted to bring some great inspiration and some excitement to you in this posting, so we scoured the internet to find some awesome videos and articles on the top of the line

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