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History of the American Flag

When was the first flag made? Without fully knowing the incredible future awaiting, the United States flag appeared and this patriotic emblem stays unchanged. Who designed the first flag or crafted it is a puzzle that history lovers still wonder about. Some folks believe *Betsy Ross* made it, while others argue that *Francis Hopkinson*, a

True Military Friendly Workplaces

Veterans have made a strong contribution to this country in too many ways to count. Although everyone wants to be seen as being military friendly, it also seems that too many businesses don’t really have a commitment to actually be as military friendly of a workplace as they could. This means more than just giving

Why Is America The Symbol of Freedom?

The land of the free, and the home of the brave. These simple words have defined a nation for more than 200 years and carry more weight than we can possibly imagine. Freedom isn’t free.  Another phrase we have heard many times, and another we quite possibly overlook on a regular basis.  America is a

Awesome Songs Sung by America’s Best Singing Soldiers

It’s important to remember that our soldiers are normal people too. They are out there protecting our country, but they also have dreams, ambitions and hopes that go beyond surviving the day. In the following videos, you’re going to be touched, inspired and awed by the talent and feeling which these hard working soldiers put

10 Facts About Our National Flag

10 Facts You May Not Know About Our National Flag

Even our National Flag has some interesting secrets to tell that avid flag lovers out there will be tickled to know. Beef up on your American Flag history and surprise your family and friends with your newly found historical prowess. 1) What do you call a person who is an expert on flag history? A

The Hunt for the 200-Year Old Star-Spangled Flag

Have you visited your attic lately? If you happen to stumble upon a red, white or blue woven wool marked with Fort McHenry in your attic, this may be a part of the massive 200-year old flag that was raised in Fort Baltimore during a British attack. This 30 x 42-foot flag was the inspiration

Why Is the American Flag Displayed Backwards on Airplanes?

The next time you visit the airport, look at the tarmac and you’ll probably see numerous commercial airplanes with the American flag painted on their fuselage. In most cases, however, airplanes display the American flag backwards, meaning the stars are located in the upper-right corner rather than the upper-left corner. Regardless of size and type,

6 Ways to Thank a Military Veteran During the Holidays

You don’t have to wait until Veterans Day to show your appreciation of our nation’s military veterans. With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to thank a veteran. There are several ways you can thank a veteran during the holidays, some of which we’re going to explore. See the full list

National Anthem Etiquette: What You Should Know

Do you know the proper etiquette to follow when the National Anthem is performed or played? Whether you are attending a sports game, concert, military funeral, etc., you will probably find yourself in this position at some point or another. The National Anthem is a patriotic song that symbolizes America’s core value: freedom. Therefore, it’s

Largest US Destroyer Heads Out to Sea

Destroyer-class boats have long been the pinnacle of the US Navy. Defined as a fast maneuverable warship that’s capable of attacking enemy targets or defending allied vessels, it plays a major role in military operations. Ever prior to World War I, the Navy had been building a sizable force of destroyers. Just recently, however, the

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