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How Many Times Has the American Flag Been Changed?

When most people think of the American flag, they envision its current design consisting of 50 horizontal stripes in alternating red and white colors and a blue field in the upper-left corner containing 50 white stars. The American flag, however, has been around for over two centuries. During that time, numerous changes were made to

6 Facts About the Flag of Hawaii

Hawaii may have been the last state added to the United States, but it still has an official flag. The Hawaii flag features the Union Jack of the United Kingdom’s flag in the upper-right corner. Along with the Union Jack, it depicts height horizontal stripes in alternating white, red and blue colors. Below are six

Can You Display the American Flag Outdoors By Hanging It?

After purchasing the American flag, you’ll need to choose a location in which to display it. Most homeowners prefer to display the American flag on a pole in front of their homes. You can mount a flag pole directly in the ground, or you can place a flag pole inside of a bracket or holder.

History of the Flag of Kentucky

Have you seen the flag of Kentucky? It features the state’s seal on a navy background. At the top of the seal is a banner revealing the words “Commonwealth of Kentucky.” While many people have seen the flag of Kentucky, few of them know the history behind it. To learn more about the origins and

What Is Veterans Day? Here’s What You Should Know

With Veterans Day very close, there’s no better time than now to familiarize yourself with this federal holiday. Held this year on November 11, 2022, it’s intended to honor our nation’s military veterans. Because of its close proximity to the holidays, though, Veterans Day often goes unnoticed by many Americans. Learn more about this important

An Introduction to Michigan’s Flag Month

You might be familiar with Flag Day, but did you know that Michigan has its own Flag Month? During Michigan’s Flag Month, you’ll see the Great Lakes State’s official flag displayed in front of countless homes and businesses. Many residents celebrate Flag Month by displaying the official Michigan flag. When Is Michigan’s Flag Month? Michigan’s

What Is Navy Day?

Have you heard of Navy Day? There are holidays designated for different branches of the United States military. In addition to Army Day and Air Force Day, for instance, there’s Navy Day. Even if you haven’t served in the U.S. Navy, you should still consider celebrating Navy Day by displaying the American flag in front

5 Facts About the Flag of Washington D.C.

It’s no secret that all 50 states in the United States have an official flag. But did you know that Washington, D.C. has an official flag as well? As shown in the photo above, it depicts three red stars, followed by two red stripes against a white background. It’s a simple yet attractive design that’s

Is the American Flag on the Moon?

The American flag isn’t displayed exclusively in the United States. When traveling abroad, you may see it displayed in foreign countries. But the most unique place where the American flag is displayed is the moon. For over a half-century, the American flag has been plated on the lunar surface. To learn more about the American

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of New Jersey

Have you seen the flag of New Jersey? It features a shield with three plows along with a helmet and two figures. The flag of New Jersey is prominently displayed throughout the Garden State. It’s a simple yet attractive flag that many business owners and homeowners proudly display. But even if you’ve seen it, there

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