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5 Facts About the Flag of Washington D.C.

It’s no secret that all 50 states in the United States have an official flag. But did you know that Washington, D.C. has an official flag as well? As shown in the photo above, it depicts three red stars, followed by two red stripes against a white background. It’s a simple yet attractive design that’s

Is the American Flag on the Moon?

The American flag isn’t displayed exclusively in the United States. When traveling abroad, you may see it displayed in foreign countries. But the most unique place where the American flag is displayed is the moon. For over a half-century, the American flag has been plated on the lunar surface. To learn more about the American

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of New Jersey

Have you seen the flag of New Jersey? It features a shield with three plows along with a helmet and two figures. The flag of New Jersey is prominently displayed throughout the Garden State. It’s a simple yet attractive flag that many business owners and homeowners proudly display. But even if you’ve seen it, there

Why the American Flag Features 5-Pointed Stars

Ever wonder the American flag features five-pointed stars? The American flag has been revised over two dozen times since its origins in the 18th century. Many of these revisions involved the addition of new stars. When a new state was added to the Union, a star would be added to the American flag. But the

The History of the North Carolina Flag

North Carolina has an official flag. Also known simply as the North Star, it features a vertical blue union on the left, followed by a red horizontal stripe and a white horizontal stripe on the right. Within the blue union are the letters “N” and “C,” which are separated by a star. With its combination

Tips on Flying the American Flag at an Angle

You don’t have to fly the American flag vertically. While some homeowners and business owners do, in fact, fly the American flag vertically, others fly it at an angle. As long as you have the right equipment, you can proudly fly the American flag at an angle. Here are some tips on flying the American

Exploring the Traditions of Independence Day

Indepenence Day is a federal holiday that’s designed to commemorate and recognize the Declaration of Independence. Held annually on July 4, it marks our country’s independence. Whether you live on the East Coast or West Coast — or a middle state — you should consider celebrating Independence Day. There several common traditions that are synonymous

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of Utah

Have you come across the flag of Utah? It features the Beehive State’s official seal in the center of a golden circle with an all-navy background. Within the seal is a beehive. Utah, of course, is a leading producer of honey. As a result, the Honey Bee is the state animal of Utah, and the

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Memorial Day

Are you planning to celebrate Memorial Day this year? Held annually on May 30, Memorial Day is an important holiday. It’s designed to commemorate and mourn the U.S. military servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives during service. While you may know the purpose of Memorial Day, though, there are several myths and misconceptions about

The Benefits of a Nylon American Flag

Think all American flags are the same? While they may feature the same design consisting of 50 stars and 13 stripes, their quality may vary. There are high-quality American flags, and there are low-quality American flags. Those made of nylon typically fall under the former category. Nylon American flags can last a long time —

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