5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Flag Pole

You can’t display the American flag in front of your home or business without investing in a flag pole. When raised to the top of a flag pole, your American flag will hang and flow naturally in the wind. Not all flag poles are the same, however. While they all consist of a pole, they are available in many different types. Below are five important things to consider when choosing a flag pole.

#1) Material

Different flag poles are made of different materials. Some of them are made of plastic,  for instance. Plastic flag poles are inexpensive, but they aren’t particularly strong. After being exposed to the elements for a prolonged period, they tend to degrade. Fortunately, flag poles are available in other materials. There are aluminum flag poles that, like all aluminum products, are strong and lightweight. These properties make them ideal for displaying the American flag.

#2) Finish

Some flag poles are designed with a finish. A finish is simply a layer of new material that’s applied over the base layer of material from which a flag pole is made. A brushed finish means that the flag pole will have a textured surface that’s attractive as well as protective.

#3) Size

Don’t forget to consider the size when choosing a flag pole. You can find flag poles in different sizes. With that said, most of them around 6 feet long. This length makes them ideal for most homes and single- or two-story buildings. If you’re planning to install it in front of a taller building, such as a commercial office building, you may want to choose a longer flag pole.

#4) Tangle-Proof

You may want to choose a tangle-proof flag pole as well. Flags can tangle when displayed outdoors. As the wind blows, it can turn your American flag over while causing it to wrap and tangle into a mess. Fortunately, there are tangle-proof flag poles available that prevent this from happening. They will allow your American flag to freely rotate without tangling.

#5) Adjustable Grommets

It’s a good idea to choose a flag pole with adjustable grommets. Grommets are fasteners that are used to hold flags in place. When raising your American flag on a flag pole, you can use them to hold it in place. Maybe you want to display your American flag at the very top of the flag pole, or perhaps you want to display it three-quarters up the flag pole. With adjustable grommets, you can change the position of your American flag while ensuring that it doesn’t fall or otherwise move around.

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