6 Things to Consider When Buying an American Flag

Are you planning to purchase an American flag? If so, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. While there are dozens if not hundreds of companies that sell American flags, the quality of their products varies. Below are six important things to consider when buying an American Flag.

#1) Accurate Design

Check the American flag’s design to ensure it’s accurate. The American flag, of course, should have 13 stripes in alternating red and white colors as well as 50 white stars against a blue background. If an American flag features a different number of stripes or stars, don’t purchase it. It’s a violation of the U.S. Flag Code to display an American flag that doesn’t feature 13 stripes and 50 stars.

#2) Size

You should consider the size when buying an American flag. American flags, of course, are available in a wide range of sizes. Some are as small as 2 by 3 feet, whereas others measure up to 30 by 60 feet. Think about where you intend to display it — in front of your home, patio, business, etc. — and choose an American flag in the appropriate size.

#3) UV Protection

Assuming you plan to display your American flag outdoors, you should consider ultraviolet (UV) protection. When displayed outdoors, American flags will be exposed to UV sunlight. Over the course of many months, exposure to UV sunlight may cause your American flag to fade. The good news is that some American flags, including those sold here at Star Spangled Flags, are treated with a UV protectant. The surface of these American flags is essentially coated in a transparent chemical that blocks UV sunlight, thereby preventing sun-related fading.

#4) Made in US

Being that it’s an American flag and not the official flag of a different country, you should consider whether it’s made in the United States. American flags manufactured outside of the United States often suffer from quality, as well as design accuracy, issues.

#5) Material

Not all American flags are made of the same material. You can find American flags made of a variety of materials, some of the most common of which include cotton, nylon and polyester. Of those materials, nylon and polyester are recommended for outdoor flags, as they offer a higher level of protection against moisture.

#6) Stitching

Finally, consider the stitching method used in an American flag’s construction. Chain-stitched American flags are more susceptible to unraveling than their lock-stitched counterparts. By choosing an American flag with the latter type of stitching, it won’t easily unravel.

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