Best Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

There’s nothing so heartwarming and wonderful as finding out you’re going to be a parent or grandparent, or aunt or uncle. These moments of surprise are often heartwarming and giddy all at the same time, which of course makes for some fabulous videos. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite videos of the big reveal that we found from around the web, so grab your tissues and limber up your smiling muscles because you’re going to need all of that to get through these wonderful videos.

This Soldier’s Reaction to His Wife’s Pregnancy Announcement Will Have You Saying ‘Aww!’ for Days

When soldier “Dale” was surprised by his wife’s pregnancy announcement, his reaction was priceless, if a bit colored with some not for young audiences language. In this article and accompanying video by John Boone for we get to see the whole precious reaction. Please note, there is a bit of language that’s not suitable for younger listeners in the video, but his huge smile and happy face is worth the price of admission for our adult viewers. Check out the happy moments by watching the video and reading the entire article here.

Best Part of the Day: Surprise, We’re Pregnant!

What’s better than a viral video showing the excitement of new parents and grandparents as they find out a baby is on the way? Well, according to writer AJ Willingham for, the answer to that question is a whole bunch of videos sharing the happy news. In this article and many accompanying videos, we get to be there for the announcement when happy dads and grandparents find out that there’s a new life coming to join them and the videos are absolutely priceless. Grab your tissues and have a great time watching all the fabulously fun videos.

This Soldier’s Delayed Reaction to Surprise Baby Announcement is Priceless brings us this precious video of a soldier finding out he’s got another little one on the way. The video is so much fun because his wife got their two kids t-shirts that said they were going to be promoted to big brother and big sister, but since the soldier had just come back from training, he just didn’t get it right away. We’re not sure what’s funnier the wife trying to help the husband figure out what’s going on, or the look on his face when he gets it. Enjoy the priceless moment of this soldier daddy’s discovery by watching the full video below.

U.S. Marine Surprised with the News that His Wife is Pregnant

After being absolutely assured that his wife was not pregnant, a trip to the doctor revealed that assumption to be incorrect. This marine’s wife then decided to surprise him with a gift that spilled the beans and shared the video here on While marines are known for their ability to handle any situation and not be shocked by it, it seems this marine wasn’t quite ready for this news, but he sure was happy about it.

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