Flag of Colombia
Colombia flag
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Colombia flag

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  • Size: 3 by 5 foot
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3 by 5 foot

The National flag of Colombia is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red. Each color is a horizontal band across the flag. The yellow band located at the top of the flag lies on exactly 50% of the flag. The middle blue and the red bands each lie on 25% of the total flag. The Columbia flag symbolizes Colombian independence from Spain, gained on July 20, 1810. It was adopted as the National Flag of Columbia on November 26, 1861.

Each color of the flag has its own special symbolism. Yellow represents the riches of the country, the wealth of the Colombian soil, the gold, sovereignty, harmony, justice and agriculture, as well as the sun, the source of Light. Blue represents the seas on Colombia’s shores, the rivers that run through, and the sky above. Red represents the blood spilled for Colombia’s independence and also the effort of Colombian people, their determination and perseverance. It represents that although Colombia’s people have had to struggle, they have thrived. Another interpretation is the blue stands for loyalty and vigilance, red represents the victories achieved in battles, and yellow is symbolic of justice and sovereignty. The country is bordered in the northwest by Panama, the south by Ecuador and Peru, the east by Venezuela, the southeast by Brazil.

The original flag of Colombia was designed by Francisco de Miranda, a military revolutionary who participated in the independence movement of South America. He was inspired by both the Burger Guard flag in Germany and a conversation he held with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about primary colors. The first of the type of flag was not raised until the 19th Century, and it was not raised in Colombia but instead Haiti. It wasn’t until 1861 when the nation officially adopted its national flag, and it is still flown to this day. Flag Day is celebrated on July 20th and August 7th in Colombia as these days mark significant events in history. The Colombian Declaration of Independence relates to events that happened on July 20, 1810, and the Battle of Boyaca which occurred on August 7, 1819.
Flag of Colombia