Flag of Kansas
Kansas flag
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Kansas flag

> 100% Made in USA with American labor and materials
> Scientifically treated to resist UV fading & look beautiful
> Sturdy and shiny brass grommets for flying
> Lock stitched (not chain stitched) to prevent unraveling
> Extra 4 rows of stitching on the fly end for durability


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Kansas state flag

The Kansas flag, adopted in 1927, consists of a blue field with the State Seal of Kansas displayed in the center. Above the seal is an open sunflower on top of a thin bar of alternating gold and blue, and below the seal is the name, “KANSAS.” 

All of our flags at Star Spangled Flags are 100% made in the USA from start to finish! We use a tough, nylon fabric to hold up outdoors, extra stitching on the fly end of the flag, and a special UV coating to prevent fading from the sun.

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Kansas flag, Made in USA

The State of Kansas is located in the Midwestern region of the country and bordered by Colorado on its west, Oklahoma on its south, Missouri on its east and Nebraska on its north. Its official nickname is The Sunflower State because of its (Sunflower’s) adaptability to Kansas soil. Almost every prairie in this state had sunflower growing over it just like grass. The nickname was made official in 1903.

If you’re planning to visit the Sunflower State it’s good to know some of the unique laws existing in the area. So before you find yourself in trouble with the law, read on:

  • No dead animals may cross Kansan Avenue: Sec. 54-5 states that “Hauling on Kansas Avenue restricted. No stable manure… dead animalsshall be hauled along Kansas Avenue except over the Kansans Avenue Memorial Bridge.
  • It is illegal to sing, whistle, or hoot from 11PM to 7AM: Sec. 54-158 Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, or singing on the public streets, particularly between the hours of 11:00PM and 7:00AM… so as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort… is unlawful.
    [li]Animal-drawn vehicles are not allowed (poor Santa): Ord. 1586A 1 (part), 1997 This law states that it’s unlawful to drive or operate any animal drawn vehicle on any street, highway, public ground unless during a parade.

But there’s a fun side to Kansas too. Check out these colourful events and celebrations happening on The Sunflower State:

  • Dodge City Days – July to August
    A ten-day event that draws more than 100,000 visitors annually. It features craft shows with over 200 crafters joining in, a western parade, beauty pageants, a barbecue contest, and other fun activities for the whole family.
  • Tulip Time Festival – April
    This event showcases various tulips, daffodils and other flower varieties by the thousands. Nature lovers come in to enjoy the botanical garden, 50-yard cascading rock rivulet, stone walkways and stone bridge. This event is included in the country’s list of most important festivals.

If you’re a a proud Kansan and you want to dive in and get into the spirit of these celebrations then dress up your home. And what better way to decorate your home than by flying a flag, it’s appropriate for every celebration and it will never go out of style. Show true Kansan pride and fly a flag in your home. More Kansas Flag questions are .

Looking for a flag that will do the job? Want a flag that’s pretty and sturdy? Reach out to us! Our US Made Flags are fashioned from heavyweight 200 denier nylon and treated to withstand rough winds, harmful rays of the sun and chemical deterioration. Fly ends are fortified with quadruple rows of lock stitching to increase durability. It also comes in an attractive gift box that’s excellent for display and for giving as a gift to family and friends. Contact us today!

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