Helping Soldiers Heal

Three Dogs save the Lives of the Soldiers Who Adopted Them.

In this heartwarming article and video by, we see the touching story of how three puppies that were rescued in Afghanistan became the mascots and ultimate heroes of their unit when they flew into action to save their people from a suicide bomber. Sadly, only two of the pups survived their daring defense, and when Sergeant Chris Duke got home, all he wanted to do was to bring those two wonderful dogs home with him. The video shows that touching reunion that will bring tears to your eyes.  Get all the details by reading the full article and watch this heartwarming video below.

Back From the Battlefields, Soldiers Find Healing Ground

With millions of soldiers returning home either physically wounded, dealing with amputations, and post-traumatic stress disorder, soldier suicide and an inability to fit back into normal society is at an all-time high. In this article by Ashliegh N. DeLuca for, we find out about a the wonderful Boulder Crest Retreat that specializes in helping soldiers and their families get back to a normal life. The soldiers and their families come for a week of intensive spiritual, emotional and physical work that helps them back onto the road to recovery. Combining equine therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, journaling, gardening and more, creates a peaceful way to help soldiers begin the healing process. This amazing retreat was founded by Ken Falke, a Navy veteran who, with his awesome fun raising skills, has managed to make the whole experience free. Find out more about this amazing place by reading the full article here.

Brandon Solider Helping Veterans Heal Through Art.

Stephanie Taylor writing for brings us this encouraging story of how a Brandon solider, Jessica Wiebe, managed to work her way back from post-traumatic stress disorder through her art. After returning home from Afghanistan, Jessica could not seem to get back to a normal life and when she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, she decided to try using her love of art to help herself get well. The effect has been so positive, she’s now showing a lot of her art work publically and hoping to start some art recovery programs with other returning military personnel. For all the fascinating details, read the full article here.

Veteran’s Health could benefit From Equine Therapy 

Big and strong, but still vulnerable, horses can help returning veterans to learn to live life in the moment instead of stressing over the past and worrying about the future. In this article by Amanda Marrazzo for, the writer takes us into the world of equine therapy and how it is helping returning active duty veterans and recently discharged veterans get back in touch with a normal life. The horses strength and vulnerability are very much the way the veterans feel about themselves and the horses can tell when the vets need a nuzzle and when they just need to stand by them for some much needed emotional reinforcement. Find out about this amazing program by reading the full article here.

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