How to Protect Your American Flag From Snow

Do you live in a region that regularly experiences snow during the winter? You can display the American flag outside of your home or business year-round. If it’s snowing, though, you should take some basic precautions to protect it from damage.

Exposure to snow can take a toll on your American flag. Snow, of course, consists of moisture. As snow builds up on the surface of your American flag, it may saturate the material from your flag is made while causing premature wear and tear. You may even notice mildew stains on your American flag after it snows. Rather than buying a new American flag each winter, consider the following tips to protect your American flag from snow.

Choose a Nylon American Flag

While they all feature the same design consisting of 50 stars and 13 stripes, not all American flags are made of the same material. You can find them in different materials, some of which are better suited for snowy weather than others. Nylon American flags, for instance, offer a superior level of protection against snow. Nylon is a synthetic material that, unlike organic materials, is waterproof. You can display a nylon American flag outdoors in the rain or snow without fear of it sustaining damage.

Look for Lock Stitching

In addition to a nylon construction, you should choose an American flag that features lock stitching. Lock stitching is a sewing technique that’s characterized by links of threading. The threading is linked together in a similar way as a chain-link fence. With lock stitching, American flags are more durable.

Keep It Covered

Another tip to protect your American flag from snow is to keep it covered. As long as your American flag is covered, it won’t be directly exposed to the snowy weather. If you have a patio, for instance, you may want to display your American flag on the edge of your patio so that it’s covered by the roof.

Bring It Indoors

Of course, you can always bring your American flag indoors if there’s snow in the forecast. Many homeowners bring their American flags indoors during snowy or otherwise bad weather. This typically isn’t necessary if you have a waterproof American flag. Waterproof American flags, such as those made of nylon, can withstand snowy weather. For other types of American flags, though, you may want to bring it indoors just to err on the side of caution. By taking these precautions, your American flag won’t sustain snow-related damage.

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