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Top 5 States with the Best Flags

The United States has easily one of the most recognizable flags in the world.

Did you know that many of the 50 states have pretty impressive flags as well?

While there are many flags that don’t do much in the wow category, there are many that are quite unmemorable, a few of these really take the cake and show us what a state flag should look like

After intense comparison and rankings, here are our top 5 state flags of America.

5. Texas


A simplistic flag that is iconic in every way, the state flag of Texas is one of the most recognizable among all 50. Taking its inspiration from Old Glory, this red, white, and blue piece shows off Texas’ love of Independence and pride for their old west territory.

Featuring three different sections, a blue vertical stripe runs down the left side with a single white star in the center. To complete this patriotic look, two red and white stripes run horizontal on the right half of the flag to show off one of the best looking flags around.

4. Arizona

Arizona Flag in Monument Valley

This is by far one of the best flags to show off a little bit of its state, Arizona shows off its desert glory in this colorful and exciting flag.

A beautiful blue dons the bottom half of this flag with an orange star gracing the center. An Arizona sunset completes the rest of this fantastic piece with yellow and red stripes running vertically to the top of the flag.

3. Colorado

Colorado flag ranked 3

If you live in the northwest part of the United States, there is a good chance you have seen this flag before. Whether you have visited this state or seen it on some clothing, this is one of the more iconic flags around.

With the material split into two different colors with a blue stripe and white stripe running horizontally across the middle, a yellow circle highlights the center of the flag. To complete this iconic look, a red “C” wraps around it that resembles the logo of the Chicago Cubs.

2. South Carolina


By far one of the more unique flags in the great country of America, this simple yet exciting flag was close behind our number one contender for top flag we have seen.

A rich navy blue color sets the background as one of the two colors on this material, as a strong white completes the rest. With a white crescent moon residing in the top left corner, a palm tree graces the center to create one of the most peaceful looks we have seen.

1. New Mexico


Finally, the top flag we decided upon through research and judgment is the state flag of New Mexico. Featuring a bright yellow background, a fantastic looking design in the center can resemble a rising sun on a hot day in the desert.

The ideal flag for a state like New Mexico, this one takes the cake as our top design.

Which flag is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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