US Veterans Eligible for 1-Year Free LinkedIn Premium Subscription

If you’re a U.S. military veteran or active service member, you can now receive a free one-year premium subscription to LinkedIn. As explained on the social media network’s official news page, LinkedIn has collaborated with to provide this perk to both U.S. military veterans as well as active service members. So, how does LinkedIn premium work exactly? And how do veterans and active service members claim their free one-year membership?

LinkedIn Premium: The Basics

LinkedIn premium is the social media network’s optional, paid subscription plan. With plans starting at $24.95 per month, it’s particularly cheap. However, LinkedIn premium offers several noteworthy perks when compared to free LinkedIn accounts. Among other things, performing searches through a LinkedIn premium subscription reveals more listings. It also allows you to filter your search results by more criteria, and you can even expand profiles beyond that offered with a free LinkedIn account. Users aren’t required to purchase or use LinkedIn premium, but it’s a useful upgrade that’s well worth the investment for most people.

How Veterans and Service Members Can Claim a Free One-Year Subscription

To take advantage of a free one-year LinkedIn premium subscription as a military veteran or service member, click the link mentioned at the top of this page. Upon loading the LinkedIn page, click the button labeled “Log in with Troop ID” in the middle of the screen. Provided by, Troop ID is a unique identification that allows veterans, service members and their family members to receive discounts and perks at hundreds of businesses across the United States. After your Troop ID has been validated, your LinkedIn account will automatically be upgraded to the premium version.

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium for Veterans and Service Members

With a premium LinkedIn subscription, you’ll have an easier time finding employment opportunities using the social media network. LinkedIn isn’t just a typical social media network. Rather, it focuses specifically on professionals. If you’re searching for a new job, you can use a LinkedIn premium subscription to connect with prospective employers. It’s a highly useful tool for job searching that’s now free to veterans and service members.

Keep in mind that veterans and service members will only receive a one-year premium LinkedIn subscription. After 12 months, you must then pay the regular fee to retain your premium subscription. Otherwise, your account will revert back to a standard, non-paid account. Considering that LinkedIn premium starts at $24.95 per month, though, a full year is a valuable perk that all military veterans and service members should take advantage of.

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