What It Takes to Be a Good Military Dad

What Does it Take to be a Successful Military Dad?

In this article, Takahiro Takiguchi and Tetsuo Nakahara have compiled these insights from military dads all over the world for Okinawa.stripes.com. All of these military dads are on active duty in various locations around the world. Some of the dads are currently deployed, while others are between deployments or waiting for deployment. The knowledge that you may at any time be taken from your family to go serve your country can take its toll, but these dads give some great advice on how to deal with that and how to keep your family together and let them always know how much they are loved.

The Military Dad: Dealing with Deployment

Military Dad & DaugtherIf you’re on the list for deployment, but haven’t been given orders yet, you will definitely want to read this article posted on Purplecrying.info, prior to having to take that step. Deployment is especially hard on fathers who will be leaving their wife and young children behind when they go to serve their country. This article goes into great details on just how to prepare yourself, your spouse, and your children for deployment. In addition, the article gives you a lot of ways to help keep dad in the picture at home while he’s away and how to keep the lines of communication open and active. You’ll want to read the full article here to get all of the helpful tips for making your deployment as easy as possible on you and your family.

From a Father and Son, What it Means to be a Military Man

In this amazing article posted on Npr.org, NPR reporter Audie Cornish interviews father and son veterans, Mark and Jeremy Pierce about their time in the military and what it meant to them as men and as father and son. Mark Pierce has recently retired from active service after forty years in the military, including combat in Iraq. Jeremy is currently serving and so is his wife. The military is certainly in the blood of this family, with service members dating all the way back to the Civil War.  Jeremy signed up even though he could hear bombs and artillery going off while talking with his dad on Skype during his last deployment. However, the military has been good to this family and the two men feel their service has been a positive focus for their lives and their family. Read the full interview here.

The Best Thing About Being a Military Dad is also the Worst

This heartwarming article by Lt. Max Long for businessinsider.com, really puts into perspective what military dads go through when they face deployment. Lt. Long explains that because he has to go away, he appreciates the little things more and is happier for them. He knows that he won’t get to be there for a lot of those growing up moments his kids will have and while he is sad to have to miss those, he is all the more thankful for the moments he does get to have. You’ll want to read this whole article here and then go and hug your family. It is a real reminder to enjoy every little moment we get with one another.

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