5 Facts About the Flag of Indiana

The flag of Indiana is prominently displayed throughout the Hoosier state. Whether you live in Indiana, or if you’ve driven through it, you may recall seeing this flag.  It doesn’t feature Indiana’s state seal. Rather, the flag of Indiana features a gold torch that’s surrounded by gold stars. To learn more about the flag of Indiana, keep reading.

#1) Adopted in 1917

The flag of Indiana was officially adopted in 1917. The design was created in response to a contest hosted by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Prior to this time, Indiana didn’t have an official flag. The DAR acknowledged the need for an official flag, so they held a contest seeking design submissions. An entry from Paul Hadley was selected as the winner. Hadley’s design would become Indiana’s official banner as well as Indiana’s official flag.

#2) Design Hasn’t Changed

It’s not uncommon for state flags to change their respective designs.  Some state flags, in fact, have been revised over a half-dozen times. The flag of Indiana, however, hasn’t been changed. It continues to feature the same design that was adopted over a century ago. Indiana is one of the few states that continues to use its original flag design. Other states have typically revised their flag’s design as least once in the past.

#3) 19 Field Stars Represent Indiana’s Statehood

The flag of Indiana features a blue field with 19 stars. The number 19 is significant because it represents Indiana’s statehood. Indiana was the 19th state to join the United States. Official specifications for the flag of Indiana call for a blue field with 19 stars and a flaming torch. The 19 field stars are symbolic of Indiana’s statehood.

#4) 13 Outer-Loop Stars Represent the 13 Original Colonies

The outer loop or circle of the flag of Indiana, conversely, features 13 stars. These 13 stars represent the original 13 colonies. On the American flag, the 13 original colonies are represented by stripes. On the flag of Indiana, they are represented by stars.  You can find the 13 stars arranged in an outer loop or circle on the flag of Indiana.

#5) Schools Are Legally Required to Display It

Schools in Indiana are legally required to display the flag. Indiana has laws that govern when and where the flag is displayed. Among these laws is a requirement for all schools, as well state buildings, to display the Indiana flag. Additionally, the flag of Indiana must be treated with the same level of respect and care as the American flag.

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