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Louisiana flag
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Louisiana flag

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Louisiana state flag

The Louisiana flag, adopted in 1912, consists of a blue field with a white Pelican above a nest with 3 chicks. On the Pelican’s breast are 3 drops of blood. Underneath is a banner with the state’s motto, “UNION, JUSTICE, and CONFIDENCE.”

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Louisiana flag, Made in USA

Louisiana is famous for Mardi Gras parades and the food that goes with those parades like crawfish, jambalaya, beignets, oysters, shrimp, gumbo, pralines and po’ boy sandwiches. Its official nickname is “The Pelican State” due to the number of pelicans in the area. But it’s also known for being the Bayou State, Child of the Mississippi, Sugar State, Creole State, and Sportsman’s Paradise. Louisiana is located in the in the southern region of the country and is bordered by Texas to its west, Mississippi to its west, Arkansas to its north and the Gulf of Mexico to its south.

When you think of Louisiana, these things usually come to mind, jazz, street musicians, dancing on the streets, voodoo (it’s now illegal to practice voodoo within city limits), Cajun culture and food, alligators, sugar cane, French influences, and strong coffee. Louisiana celebrations and festivals showcase the state’s robust culture. The blend of influences is what gives this state its colourful environment. More Louisiana Flag questions are .

Famous Events and Celebrations in Louisiana

  • Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)
    It’s one of the most popular events in the country and attracts hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists from around the globe. It includes more than 60 parades, floats, sports competitions, conventions, and many other activities.
  • New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
    Around 400,000 visitors fly in to enjoy this celebration of music. This event includes a wide selection of food booths, multiple stages with live entertainment, and crafts from all over the world.
  • Voodoo Experience
    Although it’s been mentioned at the start of this article that practicing voodoo is considered illegal in this state it doesn’t mean that it’s not allowed to have a Voodoo Music Festival. This celebration takes place in October and showcases music and arts. It’s a big rock concert where local and international rock bands get to perform their music to their young audience.

Louisiana observes the following Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – January
  • Martin Luther King Day – January
  • Mardis Gras – February
  • Good Friday – April
  • Memorial Day – May
  • Independence Day – July
  • Labor Day – September
  • Veteran’s Day – November
  • Thanksgiving – November
  • Christmas Day – December

It’s so easy to get lost in one of these Louisiana celebrations. And if you really want to get into a festive mood, fly a flag in your backyard or display one in your home. It’s the perfect decor for any of these events. Flying a flag shouts to the world that you’re proud of your roots and your country.

Do you have a flag to fly during these festive occasions? Want one that is not only good-looking, but also hardworking? Reach out to us! Our all-weather flags can withstand the humid subtropical climate of Louisiana. It’s made of heavyweight 200 denier nylon and specially treated for humid summers and hard winters. Contact us today!
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Have you come across the official Louisiana state flag? All 50 states have an official flag — and the Pelican State is no exception. As revealed in the adjacent photo, the Lousiana state flag features an image of a pelican against a blue background. It’s a simple but meaningful design that’s deeply rooted in Louisiana’s history. Below are five fun facts about the Louisiana flag.

#1) Adopted in 1912

While Louisiana had used an unofficial flag with a similar design prior to this period, it didn’t officially adopt its “Pelican” flag until 1912. The “Pelican” flag, of course, features a pelican. Throughout the early and mid-1800s, Louisiana had used a flag that was based on France’s flag. In 1912, state lawmakers passed a piece of legislation declaring the “Pelican” flag as the official state banner of Louisiana.

#2) Azure Field

While the background of the Louisiana state flag may look like an ordinary blue color, it’s actually azure. On the color wheel, azure falls in the middle of blue and cyan. It’s a lighter, softer shade of blue. Because the pelican depicted in the Louisiana flag is white, azure offers a naturally attractive color scheme. The white pelican against an azure field creates contrast. As a result, the flag of Louisiana has featured an azure field since it was officially adopted.

#3) Changed By an Eight-Grader

You might be surprised to learn that an eighth-grader was responsible for changing the Louisiana flag. In the early 2000s, an eight-grader discovered that the Louisiana state flag didn’t feature the three drops of blood originating from the Pelican’s state as found in the state’s seal. The eighth-grader notified lawmakers about this design mishap, which prompted them to introduce a new version of it. On November 22, 2010, lawmakers adopted the modern-day design of the flag of Louisiana. It’s pretty much the same as the previous version, except the new version has three drops of blood on the pelican’s chest.

#4) Depicts Louisiana’s State Bird

The pelican, of course, is Louisiana’s official state bird. If you’ve ever visited Louisiana before, you may recall seeing pelicans roaming around its coats. Because the pelican is Louisiana’s official state bird, it’s depicted in the Louisiana flag.

#5) Pledge of Allegiance

Lousiana has its own pledge of allegiance. When standing in front of the Lousiana state flag, people will typically speak the state’s pledge of allegiance. It consists of the following: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana and to the motto for which it stands: A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals, confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here.”

When was the Louisiana state flag adopted?

The original Louisiana state flag with the Mother pelican feeding her young, was adopted in 1912 as the official state flag of Louisiana. It was modified in 2006 and lastly in 2010.

What is the design on the Louisiana state flag and what does it mean?

The state flag of Louisiana is a field of blue on which centrally lies a design from the state seal. The design is an Eastern Brown mother pelican with three drops of blood on her breast, her head slightly turned to the viewer’s right, and her wings spread over her three young chicks on the nest. Below the nest is a white banner with the state motto: “UNION JUSTICE CONFIDENCE”. The blue color of the field is one that stands for truth. The eastern brown pelican is the state bird and has been a symbol of self-sacrifice for Louisiana since the 1800’s. The initial settlers learned that pelicans were kind and good parenting birds. It was believed since medieval times that pelicans would tear their own flesh and feed the blood to their chicks (this act is called ‘vulning’) in times they could not find food. So the pelican stands for the state’s willingness to sacrifice itself to protect and care for its citizens. Worthy of mention here is the fact that pelicans do not actually tear at their own flesh to feed their young, for all animals, self-preservation is the norm in nature not self-sacrifice. This sacrificial design on their flag however, is an admirable way for the state to express their willingness to protect and care for their people.

What is the pledge to the Louisiana state flag?

The pledge to the state of Louisiana flag is: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana and to the motto for which it stands: A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals, confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here”. The state pledge of allegiance was adopted in 1981.

How are you supposed to fly the Louisiana flag with your American flag?

When flying the Louisiana and American flag on the same pole, the flag of the United States must always be at the top and the Louisiana flag should be the same size or smaller. When It is flown on separate poles, the Louisiana flag will be to the right of the flag of the United States situating the U.S. flag in the position of honor, which is to the observer’s left of the other flags.

Where can you buy a Louisiana flag?

Star Spangled Flags sells a quality Louisiana flag that is 100% made in the USA! Get the best Louisiana flag by clicking here. They use a tough material and add UV protection which adds to the longevity of the flag. They also use superior stitching that helps to prevent fraying and unraveling. A big plus is that they provide free shipping!


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