5 Tips on How to Display the American Flag on a Wall

Are you planning to display the American flag on a wall inside your home or business? If so, there are a few things you should know. While the American flag is a symbol of our nation’s values, as well as its history, there are rules for displaying it. You can still display the American flag on a wall inside your home or business, but you should follow these tips to ensure it’s displayed in a respectful and appropriate manner.

#1) Position Union to the Left

Position your American flag against the wall so that the union — the stars — is located on the left (from your perspective). The U.S. Flag Code specifically states that the American flag should always be positioned with the union on the observer’s left except in cases where it’s displayed on a flagpole. If you display the American flag on a flagpole, it will flow freely in the wind, meaning you won’t be able to adjust its position. If you display the American flag on a wall, though, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust it so that the union is located on the left.

#2) Place Flush Against the Wall

You should also place your American flag completely flat so that it’s flush against the wall. If there’s any loose or excess material, you’ll need to readjust your American flag. Not only does it look it bad, but displaying the American flag with loose or excess material on a wall is poor etiquette. Therefore, you should place your American flag so that it’s completely flush against the wall.

#3) Vertically or Horizontally

Contrary to what some people believe, you aren’t restricted to displaying the American flag horizontally on a wall; it’s perfectly fine to display the American flag vertically as well. Whether you choose a horizontal or vertical orientation, though, you should position your American flag so that the union is located on the left.

#4) Don’t Let It Touch the Ground

Whether you display your American flag atop a flagpole or against a wall, you should never allow it to touch the ground.  It’s a violation of the U.S. Flag Code to allow the American flag to touch the ground. And while there are no “flag police” to arrest you for it, it’s proper etiquette to comply with the U.S. Flag Code by keeping your American flag off the ground.

#5) Clean It

Your American flag will likely gather dust when displayed on a wall. Assuming it’s not damaged, you should be able to revitalize its appearance by cleaning it. You can typically clean an American flag by hand-washing it in cold water and liquid detergent. After allowing it to air-dry, you can then rehang it on your wall.

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