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6 Ways to Thank a Military Veteran During the Holidays

You don’t have to wait until Veterans Day to show your appreciation of our nation’s military veterans. With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to thank a veteran. There are several ways you can thank a veteran during the holidays, some of which we’re going to explore. See the full list of flag holidays.

#1) Say ‘Thanks for Your Service’

When you see a veteran in uniform, stop to tell him or her “thanks for your service.” It only takes a few minutes, but doing so means a world of difference to the millions of brave men and women who’ve served in our nation’s armed forces.

#2) Donate to a Veteran NPO

You can also donate money to a nonprofit organization (NPO) that specializes in helping veterans. Some of the top veteran NPOs include the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation, Gary Sinese Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, Hope For The Warriors and the Fisher House Foundation. Even if it’s only $20, your donation shows veterans that you appreciate everything they sacrificed during their years of service.

#3) Hire a Veteran

If you’re a business owner, or other upper-level executive, consider hiring a veteran this holiday season. Many veterans learned skills during their years of service that can prove invaluable in the civilian workforce. As a business owner or upper-level executive, you can capitalize on these skills while helping a veteran in the process.

#4) Volunteer at a VA Hospital

Another idea is to volunteer at a local Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. With more than 1,200 medical facilities, the VA system is the largest healthcare network in the country. Regardless of where you live, there’s probably a VA hospital nearby. By volunteering at one of these hospitals, you’ll help veterans in need while showing your appreciation for everything they’ve done.

#5) Write a Card

In addition to volunteering at a local VA hospital, you can write “thank you” cards for the veterans who visit them. Most VA hospitals will gladly accept handwritten “thank you” cards, which they’ll distribute to veterans.

#6) Display an American Flag

There’s no better way to thank veterans during the holidays than by proudly displaying an American flag in front of your home. Available at Star Spangled Flags, an American flag symbolizes everything our nation’s veterans worked so hard to protect. After receiving your American flag, place it on a pole and mount it to the front of your home. As veterans drive by, they’ll notice your flag. Along with the other methods listed here, it’s one more way to thank our veterans during the holidays.

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