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The Story Behind Veterans Day

Do you work for the government? Maybe at the post office, courthouse, or Health and Human Services? Well, good news! You might snag an extra day off next month. On November 11, the United States proudly celebrates *Veterans Day*. This special holiday honors the countless U.S. military veterans who’ve given so much for our freedoms.


6 Fun Facts About Patriots’ Day

Most Americans know about Independence Day, but there’s a lesser-known holiday: Patriots’ Day. Celebrated every year on the third Monday in April, it marks the first clashes between the United States and Great Britain. Here are some fun facts about Patriots’ Day you probably don’t know. #1) It’s a State Holiday Although it’s recognized throughout

how to prepare for flag day

How to Prepare for Flag Day

Held annually on June 14, Flag Day is a nationally recognized holiday that’s intended to celebrate the adopted of the United States flag. The American flag has a long, rich history dating as far back as 1777, during which the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution creating the flag. So if you’re looking to show


7 Fun Facts About the History of the American Flag

{“statusCode”:401,”message”:”License key missing”} #1) Coined ‘Old Glory’ By Ship Captain The American flag is often referred to as “Old Glory,” a namesake it received in 1831 by Captain William Driver. According to various reports, Captain Driver hoisted the American flag high above his boat and yelled out: “Old Glory!” That namesake has since withstood the


6 Fun Facts About the US Marine Corps

{“statusCode”:401,”message”:”License key missing”} #1) Marines Practice Martial Arts In 2001, the Marines introduced a new program to train servicemembers martial arts. Known as the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), it was designed to teach Marines how to navigate hostile close-quarter environments more successfully. The MCMAP consists of a variety of martial arts, including taekwondo,


How to Celebrate Independence Day

{“statusCode”:401,”message”:”License key missing”} Grilled Food Independence Day is the perfect time for a cookout. Whether it’s hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, steaks or a combination thereof, you can’t go wrong with grilled food on this federal holiday. Keep in mind, however, that millions of other like-minded Americans will be grilling out on Independence Day (and the


How to Sell Leave Days

{“statusCode”:401,”message”:”License key missing”} As an active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces, you’ll earn 30 days of paid vacation (known as leave) for every year you serve. If you serve for three years, for instance, you’ll earn 90 days of leave. This can essentially be redeemed for three months of paid vacation. It’s important to


How to Celebrate Veterans Day

Held every year on November 11, Veterans Day is a federal holiday celebrating our nation’s military veterans. With November 11 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your plans. What’s the best way to honor veterans on Veterans Day? **Keep reading for some great tips and ideas.** Attend Veterans


8 Fun Facts About Independence Day

Solute to the Union On **Independence Day**, at noon, military personnel fire one gun for every **state**—that’s all 50 of them—at different bases across the country. This **”salute to the union”** is a favorite tradition on this celebrated holiday. Imagine the thunderous sounds of 50 guns—one for each state—blending together in a roaring display of


6 Facts About Memorial Day

Celebrated every year on the last Monday of May, **Memorial Day** is a federal holiday that **honors and remembers** all the brave men and women who gave their lives serving in the nation’s military. **Did you know?** This holiday has some interesting facts worth knowing! Unofficial Start of Summer Technically, summer doesn’t begin until June


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