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What Is the Flag of Missouri?

When shopping for official state flags, you may encounter the flag of Missouri. All 50 states in the United States have an official flag, and Missouri is no exception. It features three horizontal stripes consisting of red, white and blue colors. In the center of the Missouri flag is the state’s coat of arms. To


5 Facts About the Pine Tree Flag

When most people think of the American flag, they envision the current version consisting of 50 stars and 13 stripes. There have been other flags displayed throughout our nation’s history, however, one of which is the Pine Tree flag. The Pine Tree flag depicts a pine tree in the middle against a white background. At


History of the Flag of Pennsylvania

Have you seen the flag of Pennsylvania? Like many other official state flags, it features the state’s coat of arms. In the center of the Pennsylvania flag is the state’s coat of arms consisting of a bald eagle standing atop a shield. On both sides of the shield are horses. Within the shield itself is

What is an embroidered American flag

What Is an Embroidered American Flag?

When shopping for an American flag, you may discover that some of them are embroidered and some art not. All American flags feature the same design as governed by the U.S. Flag Code. They feature 50 white stars and 13 horizontal stripes in alternating red and white colors. While they all share this universal design,


5 Facts About the Flag of Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a simple yet attractive flag that’s synonymous with the small coastal state. It features a gold anchor surrounded by 13 gold stars. Whether you live in Rhode Island, or if you simply appreciate this design, you may want to display the Rhode Island flag. You can display it in your home, business

Presidents' Day

Presidents Day

Every year on the third Monday of February, Americans celebrate Presidents Day. This federal holiday honors all past presidents of the United States, from George Washington to the current president. Since its inception in 1879, Presidents Day has grown to become a beloved national holiday with celebrations ranging from parades and reenactments to special discounts

3 Flag Acts and what they mean

The 3 US Flag Acts and What They Mean

Are you familiar with the U.S. Flag Acts? There are laws governing the design and usage of the American flag. Known as the Flag Acts, they play an important role in our country’s history. The American flag has been around for centuries. It originally appeared in 1777, and since then, the American flag has been


5 Facts About the Flag of New Hampshire

New Hampshire has an official flag consisting of the state’s seal against a blue background. It’s commonly displayed in courthouses and other municipal buildings throughout the Granite State. You can identify the New Hampshire flag by its seal. The seal depicts the USS Raleigh frigate in the center. Around the USS Raleigh is a laurel

How to prevent your Flagpole from rusting

How to Prevent Your Flagpole From Rusting

If you’re planning to display the American flag outdoors, you should take measures to prevent your flagpole from rusting. American flags are almost always displayed on a flagpole outdoors. After mounting your stand-alone flagpole to the ground – or to the side of your home or business using a wall attachment – you can raise


5 Facts About the Flag of Minnesota

Minnesota has an official flag. As shown in the adjacent photo, it consists of a modified version of the state’s official seal on a blue field. You can find the Minnesota flag displayed in front of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the North Star State. It’s a simple, colorful flag with a rich history


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