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Caring For Your American Flag


The American flag is one of the most recognized symbols all around the world.

This incredible piece of material is much more than a flag, it is a symbol of freedom, liberty, and inspires patriotism in us all.

If you own an American flag, keeping it in pristine condition is incredibly important to show respect for what it stands for.

If you aren’t sure on how to properly care and store your flag, we have a few simple and helpful tips and tricks.


When you aren’t proudly waving your flag outside your home, properly storing Old Glory is vital to respecting it and honoring traditions that have stood the test of time.

If you are not flying the flag though and more focused on prolonged preservation, it should be then stored in a dark place.

Elements such as sunlight and other bright lights over long period of time can begin to fade a flag’s vibrant colors and cause damage that can’t be repaired.

You should also make sure the flag is stored away in a consistent and dry place as well.

Humidity and constantly changing temperatures can create mildew on a flag, so keeping it crisp in a dry place is key for prolonged pristine condition.

If you have ever seen a flag presented at a military funeral, you have likely seen the traditional fold of the flag into the shape of a triangle with the stars facing out.

This is a beautiful way to present the flag and is one that has been a part of military history for a very long time. It is not however a part of standard flag code as laid down by Congress. This specific method is actually purely a military tradition and should not be adopted by civilians if they are keen on keeping their flag in the best shape possible.

When storing your flag at home, you should store it flat for the best long term condition. Having a flag folded for prolonged periods of time can cause permanent creasing and possible damage to the flag in the long run.


Respecting the Flag

While it is just made from fabric, the American flag carries a tradition and honor that transcends time and culture.

This incredibly solemn symbol of our nation is one that should be respected and honored, which begins with the simple treatment of the flag.

The flag should never touch the ground or be used as a decoration. If you are going to display your flag for others to see, you should hang it from a traditional flag pole outside your home.

If you have a flag that is old and tattered, you should never simply dispose of it in the trash. If it’s time to move on to a new flag, see this article detailing 4 proper flag retirement methods plus a map to flag disposal locations.

Follow some of these simple tips and you can properly preserve and respect your American flag for years to come.

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