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How to Keep Your American Flag From Wrapping Around the Pole

flagpolesThere’s no better way to show your patriotism than by displaying an American flag in front of your home or business.

While the American flag historically represents the 13 original colonies and 50 states of the union, it has since become symbolic with freedom and independence — the values for which our nation stands.

But it’s frustrating when you’re trying to display an American flag in front of your home or business, only to have the flag wrap around the pole.

This doesn’t have to prevent you from showing your patriotism. Rather, consider the following tips to stop your American flag from wrapping around the pole.

4 Tips to Keep Your Flag from Tangling / Twisting (click the titles for more details)

Use a Rotating Flag Pole

If you are flying your flag from a mount connected to your home or business, this is the best solution.

Traditional flag poles, of course, don’t rotate. When a strong gust of wind occurs, it forces the flag to wrap over the pole.

Because it’s such a common problem, some silver flagpoles like these are designed specifically to keep the flag straight. They feature a spinning pole shaft or rings that turn automatically during strong winds.

Rotating flag poles (also known as No Tangle Flag Poles at Star Spangled Flags) are designed specifically to prevent this issue from happening and include everything in the box to make the pole rotate with the wind and keep your flag tangle free.

Use an Anti-Furling Kit

There are also anti-furling kits and devices that will prevent your American flag from wrapping around the pole. They essentially work in a similar way as rotating flag poles by allowing the pole — or area of the pole from which the flag is mounted — to rotate with the wind.

Because they are sold as kits, however, you need to make sure the size of the kit matches your current flagpole on which they will be installed.

Choose a Heavier, Higher-Quality Flag

The quality and weight of your American flag can affect whether or not it wraps around the pole. Cheap, low-quality flags are typically printed on thin materials (and frequently imported from China).

On the other hand, premium, high-quality flags are made of thicker materials. Because of their thicker design, high-quality flags weight more than their low-quality counterpart, which naturally helps to anchor them in place and keep them from flipping over the top of the pole in gentle breezes and becoming tangled.

If you need to get a new American flag, you can display your patriotism by flying our beautiful nylon embroidered flags, Made in USA polyester flags, cotton United States flags or USA banner flags.

Display It Around a Windbreak

This is the longest to implement but very effective solution — especially in areas of the country that frequently have sustained high winds.

Flags usually wrap around the pole from which they are mounted during strong winds. While you can’t control the wind, you may be able to protect your flag from it.

When choosing an area to display your American flag, look to see if it contains – or you could install – a windbreak.

Large trees, wood fences, hills, rocks and even sheds are all windbreaks that will block wind gusts, preventing them from wrapping your flag around the pole. It’s not a foolproof solution, but a windbreak can certainly reduce the risk of your flag furling.

Choosing one of these options should fix the problems and keep your flag flying beautifully without tangling.

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