Flag of North Carolina
North Carolina flag
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North Carolina flag

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North Carolina state flag

The North Carolina flag, adopted in 1885, consists of a navy blue field on the left third of the flag, and a red and white horizontal stripe on the right two-thirds. On the blue field are the letters “N” and “C” with a large, white star displayed between them. Above is a banner with the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, “May 20, 1775,” and the Halifax Resolves when North Carolina delegates approved the Declaration of Independence of the United States on, “April 12th, 1776.” 

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North Carolina flag, Made in USA

North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern part of the country and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its east, Virginia on its north, Tennessee on its west, South Carolina and Georgia on its south. It’s also known as the Old North State and the Tar Heel State.

The major industries in this state include engineering, finance, biotechnology, energy, farming (tobacco, cotton, and sweet potatoes) and tourism.

North Carolinians are also known to be food lovers. Their staple is barbecued pork, which they happen to do excellently even for a lazy day. Some of their famous food brands include Cheerwine, Hardees, Krispy Kreme, Mt. Olive Pickles, Pepsi, Texas Pete and Bojangles.

North Carolinians are also crazy about their music and art. The state’s rich culture is what brings its culture industry a whopping $1.2 Billion in terms of economic activity and generates one hundred nineteen million in revenue. More North Carolina Flag questions are .


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and The Blue Ridge Parkway are both great attractions with more than 25 million visitors in 2013.

Favorite Tourist Spots

  • Asheville
  • The African American Cultural Complex
  • Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh
  • Gregg Museum of Art & Design
  • Marbles Kids Museum
  • Sports Hall of Fame
  • Raleigh City Museum
  • Montfort Hall
  • Pope House Museum

If you’re visiting the Tar Heel State, it’s not only good to brush up on their tourist spots but also on their unique laws.

  • It is considered a felony to steal more than one thousand worth of used grease from restaurants and haulers.
  • Individuals who are caught in possession of illegal substance are obliged to pay taxes. § 105-113.107. Excise tax on unauthorized substances.
  • Couples checking in overnight in a hotel should have double beds measure 2 feet apart.
  • It is illegal to use elephants to plow cotton fields.
  • There is a limit of hours on Bingo games during state fairs, it can’t last over 5 hours. § 14-309.8. Limit on sessions.
North Carolina offers plenty of opportunities to have fun, it has lively festivals whole year round!
  • North Carolina Jazz Festival
    The event is more than 32 years old and attracts traditional jazz musicians from around the world. There are jazz programs, concerts, workshops, and an all-star, traditional presentation of 7 sets.
  • Q City BBQ Championship
    Over than 100 teams compete for forty thousand in prizes. This famous competition is always accompanied by music, tastings, beer, and tunes. No wonder it draws crowds by the hundreds of thousands.
  • Barbecue Festival
    Held in Lexington, it’s on “top 10 food festivals in the USA” list of Travel & Leisure Magazine. More than 100,000 attendees come to Lexington to devour more than 12,000 pounds of BBQ, served annually. There are also exhibits, music, sports, entertainment and of course the best BBQs.

Are you a proud North Carolinian? Do you want to display true Carolianina pride? Fly a flag or display one in your home today and share your appreciation and fondness for your state and country.

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North Carolina has an official flag. Also known simply as the North Star, it features a vertical blue union on the left, followed by a red horizontal stripe and a white horizontal stripe on the right. Within the blue union are the letters “N” and “C,” which are separated by a star.

With its combination of red, white and blue colors, the North Carolina flag is attractive. You can find it displayed throughout the Southeastern state. What’s the history behind the North Carolina flag exactly?

Origins of the North Carolina Flag

During its early years, North Carolina didn’t have an official flag. It wasn’t until 1861 when a proposal was made to adopt an official flag.

In 1861, the North Carolinian state constitutional convention established a committee to design an official flag. During that same year, an official flag was recognized. This initial version shared many of the same features as the current North Carolina flag. It had a vertical stripe on the left and two horizontal stripes on the right. And like the current North Carolina flag, the initial version consisted of red, white and blue colors.

The Flag Statute of 1885

North Carolina changed its flag in 1885. This new version replaced the red field with a blue field. It also added the letters “N” and “C” to the field. As you may have guessed, these letters represent the state’s name. The initial version of the North Carolina flag only featured a star with the date “May 20, 1775” above it and the date “May 20, 1861” below it. The new version adopted in 1885 retained the star and the two dates. But it added the letters “N” and “C” to represent the state’s name.

When comparing the old North Carolina flag to the new one, you’ll notice that the colors are different on the horizontal stripes. Both versions feature a color scheme consisting of red, white and blue. The first version of the North Carolina flag, though, had a blue horizontal stripe and a white horizontal stripe on the right-hand side. In Flag Statue of 1885 called for a new design consisting of a red horizontal stripe and a white horizontal stripe on the right-hand side.

The North Carolina Flag Today

North Carolina continues to use the same design as specified in the Flag Statute of 1885 for its official flag. It has only changed the design once throughout the state’s flag. That change, of course, was made over a century ago with the Flag Statute of 1885.

What is the pledge to the flag of North Carolina?

The pledge to the flag of North Carolina is as follows: “I salute the flag of North Carolina and pledge to the Old North State love, loyalty, and faith”.

When was the North Carolina flag adopted and who is the designer?

The first state flag of North Carolina was adopted in 1861 and designed by William Browne, an artist from Raleigh. In 1885 a new design was adopted and designed by General Johnstone Jones. This design remained unchanged until 1991 when a few minor changes (some commas were removed and slight adjustments to the size) were made.

What do the designs mean on the North Carolina state flag?

The state flag of North Carolina contains two horizontal bars of red and white and a blue vertical bar. On the blue bar is a 5 pointed white star with the initials “N” and “C” in gold lettering on either side of the star with the dates “April 12, 1776” and “May 20, 1775” also in gold letters. The red and white stripes and colors represent the “Stars and Bars” of the first National Flag of the Confederate States of America. The date of April 12, 1776 is the date of the “Halifax Resolves”. The “Halifax Resolves” was the result of a meeting of the Provincial Congress of North Carolina, in the town of Halifax, which called for independence from Great Britain. This call for independence, places North Carolina at the forefront of the American independence movement. The date May 20, 1775 Commemorates the “Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence”. This declaration is claimed to be the first declaration of independence made in the 13 Colonies during the American Revolutionary War. It was said to be made by a committee of patriots in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina who declared independence from Great Britain after hearing about the Battle of Lexington.

Where may I purchase a North Carolina flag?

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How do I fly my North Carolina flag with my American flag?

When flying the North Carolina flag with the flag of the United States on the same pole, the flag of United States must always be at the top and the North Carolina flag should be the same size or smaller. When It is flown on separate poles, the North Carolina flag will be to the right of the flag of the United States situating the U.S. flag in the position of honor, which is to the observer’s left of the other flags.


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