How to Get Promotion Points in the US Army

afghanistan-2101434_960_720The United States Army uses a point-based system to determine who’s promoted. If you want to get promoted to Sergeant or Staff Sergeant, you’ll need to accumulate the necessary amount of points. Unfortunately, the system isn’t clearly explained, leaving many recruits and new soldiers asking the question how. To learn more about promotion points in the U.S. Army, keep reading.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that points aren’t the only factor in deciding who’s promoted. In addition to points, you must also have been in your previous rank and the Army for a minimum amount of time. The only exceptions are Secondary Zones and Primary Zones, which are reserved for soldiers who’ve shown an exemplary skills and leadership; thus, allowing them to get promoted more quickly.

The Army Promotion Points system is broken down into various categories, with each category allowing for a specific number of maximum points to be given/acquired. See below for a list of the different categories and their respective maximum points:

  • Training: 340 max SFG points / 255 max SGG points
  • Awards and Decorations: 125 max SFG points / 165 max SGG points
  • Military Education: 260 max SFG points / 280 max SGG points
  • Civilian Education: 75 max SFG points / 100 max SGG points

As you can see, soldiers can earn the most promotion points through training, with military education following behind in second. With that said, the maximum number of points you can earn for either Sergeant or Staff Sergeant is 800.

If you look further into training, you’ll see there are many ways to earn promotion points in the Army. If you score high on your APFT, you’ll earn points towards promotion. Weapons qualifications is another area of training in which soldiers can earn promotion points. Soldiers should put forth their best effort to excel in training, regardless of whether or not they are seeking a promotion.

And when you are deployed, you’ll earn 2 promotion points every month, up to a maximum of 30 for SGT or 60 for SGG. If you’ve been deployed for 12 months, for instance, that’s 24 points towards your promotion.

To recap, the U.S. Army uses a point system to determine who’s promoted to Sergeant and Staff Sergeant. If you want to get promoted to either of these ranks, you’ll need to acquire enough points. This can be accomplished through training, awards and decorations, military education, and civilian education. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of the Army’s promotion point system and how it works.

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