How to Protect Your American Flag From Fraying

When displaying the American flag in front of your home or business, you need to ensure that it’s protected from damage. American flags can fray when neglected. Fraying is a common form of damage in which the exterior of the fabric unravels or wears down. All American flags are made of some type of fabric. Over time, the exterior of the fabric can fray.

If your American flag begins to fray, you may be forced to replace it with a new American flag. The U.S. Flag Code states that the American flag should be destroyed in a “dignified way” if it’s in a poor condition that’s no longer fitting for display. Fraying typically falls under this category. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your American flag from fraying. By following these tips, your American flag will last longer and

Choose the Right Type of American Flag

Some types of American flags are more likely to fray than others. While they all feature the same design consisting of 50 stars and 13 stripes, American flags are available in different fabrics. You can find them in cotton, linen, nylon and polyester. Those made of cotton or linen are typically more likely to fray than those made of nylon or polyester. Nylon and polyester are synthetic fabrics. Therefore, they are naturally stronger and better protected from fraying than synthetic fabrics like cotton and linen.

You should consider choosing an American flag with lock stitching. Lock stitching is a sewing technique in which the threading is looped together. Without lock stitching, the ends of the threading will be exposed. These exposed ends may, over time, unravel while degrading your American flag. Choosing an American flag with lock stitching will prevent this from happening, as the ends of the threading will be looped together.

Keep It Covered

Ensuring that your American flag is covered at all times will protect it from fraying. You can still display it outdoors. Most homeowners and business owners, in fact, prefer to display their American flag outdoors as opposed to indoors. But if you’re going to display it outdoors, you should keep your American flag covered to protect it from fraying.

Assuming there’s a sheltered porch or patio outside of your home or business, you can use it to cover your American flag. Covering it will keep your American flag protected from the rain and weather, which could otherwise make it susceptible to fraying.

Apply a Waterproof Coating

Another tip to protect your American flag from fraying is to apply a waterproof coating. There are spray bottles available that are designed to create a waterproof coating over fabrics, including those used in the construction of American flags. You can spray an invisible waterproof coating over your American flag to protect it from fraying.

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