How to Protect Your American Flag From Humidity Damage

Humidity can take a toll on your American flag. Regardless of where you display your American flag, there’s probably moisture vapor in the air. Over time, exposure to this moisture vapor can cause your American flag to degrade. Maybe you notice mildew stains on it, or perhaps you discover that the color has faded to a lighter tone. How do you protect your American flag from humidity damage such as this?

Choose a Nylon or Polyester American Flag

The material from which your American flag is made will affect its susceptibility to humidity. Some materials are better protected against humidity than others. Nylon and polyester American flags, for example, offer a naturally high level of protection against humidity.

While inexpensive, cotton American flags tend to absorb a lot of water. Cotton, in fact, can absorb up to 10% of its weight in water. In comparison, polyester doesn’t absorb any water, while polyester only absorbs about 3% of its weight in water. By choosing an American flag made of either nylon or polyester, you can rest assured knowing that it won’t degrade in humid conditions.

Display in the Open

Displaying your American flag in the open where it’s exposed to direct sunlight can protect it from humidity. Sunlight will help to evaporate any lingering humidity off your American flag. It will still be exposed to rain. Assuming your American flag is made of nylon or polyester, rain shouldn’t be a concern. Therefore, you should consider displaying your American flag in the open. It will receive more direct sunlight, which will evaporate moisture while protecting your American flag from humidity.

Store Correctly

When you aren’t displaying your American flag outdoors, you should store it correctly to prevent humidity damage from occurring. Don’t store your American flag in rooms or spaces that aren’t climate-controlled. If your air conditioning system doesn’t reach a particular room, it will likely be humid. Basements and crawlspaces, for instance, are typically more humid than other, climate-controlled rooms.

Contrary to common belief, you shouldn’t store American flags in sealed bags. When stored inside of a completely sealed bag, your American flag won’t be able to breathe. As a result, moisture will remain trapped inside of the bag where it’s able to stick to your American flag. To protect your American flag from humidity such as this, you should store it in a breathable mesh bag that’s not completely sealed.

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