Soldier’s Best Friend

Soldier’s Dog Interrupts Interview When He Notices His Master is in Distress

In this video on, we see an incredibly touching moment when Erick Scott, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from his time in the war, gets the loving attention he needs from his special service dog, Gumbo. When nothing else worked, no amount of therapy or medication did the job, his incredible service dog Gumbo, was the magic element to help this honored war vet get on with his life and start to deal with his illness. With so many soldiers committing suicide every day, situations like this can give us hope for the future. To have your heart touched, watch the full video below.

On a Scale of One to America, This Dog Just Went Pure Patriot For His Soldier Coming Home

Bubba Atkinson for brings us this wonderful video of a soldier’s homecoming. When Lieutenant Gary Daugherty came home after being gone for six months, his dog Bugaboo lets him know how happy he is to see his master, while his wife films the happy reunion.  We know intellectually how much these brave men and women give up when they leave for foreign shores to fight America’s battles, but we really don’t get to feel it in our hearts until we see for ourselves just how missed they are, and realize how much they sacrifice in service to our country. Watch the full heartwarming video below.

Therapy Dogs Help Veterans Soldier On

When soldiers come home from active duty in the war, it’s not only the physical injuries they have to deal with. Often it’s the emotional injuries that are much harder to heal. In this article and accompanying video by Liz Neporent for, we learn how services dogs are becoming a big part of helping soldiers return to living a normal life. Able to sense when the soldier becomes upset or in distress, the dogs come immediately to their side to love and comfort them in a way no one else can. The military considers these service dogs so important, they even get their own rank. To see this heartwarming story and learn more about how these special dogs are saving lives, read the full article here.

21 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog

In this fun article by Kaelin Tully for, we get twenty one reasons our dogs are a great part of our lives. Full of fun, and heartwarming photographs, as well as having each reason spelled out, this article is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Get your smile out and warmed up because you’re going to use it when you look at all these great pictures and read the full article here.

Soldier Fights to Adopt His War Dog, Wins

The New York Post brings us this heartwarming story about a soldier who wouldn’t leave a man behind, even when it was his dog. When an IED injured Army Specialist Brent Grommet and his dog Matty, they became separated when Grommet went home without Matty. It took more than a year and half, but eventually, Grommet was able to get Matty back. Get ready to have your heart melt when you read the whole story.

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