Top Differences Between Military and Civilian Friendships

10 Ways Your Civilian Friends Differ From your Battle Buddies

What do you do after four years in the marines and tour in Afghanistan? If you’re writer Paul D. Mooney, you write this fun article for Looked at from a hilarious point of view, the author explains, with wit and funny meme’s the difference between your military friends and your civilian friends. Using good humor and a lot of heart, Paul shows us how military friends will connect on levels your civilian friends just can’t quite reach. This doesn’t make your civilian friends any less valuable to you, it just means that you connect with them on a different level and coming from a different place. Get ready to giggle and nod your head in agreement as you read the full article here.

Don’t Ditch Your Civilian Friends

In this heartfelt article posted on, we get a little better understanding of how having both military and civilian friends is important to military spouses. The author points out that it’s not a contest to see whose life is harder or who has more problems. As it happens, your civilian friends may not have the exact same issues to deal with that you do, but most of them have other issues that you don’t have to deal with and it’s all stressful. Keeping a mix of friends helps you stay grounded and gives you different points of view, so it’s very healthy and helpful to have friends that are outside of your military spouse circle. You’ll want to get all of their great advice when you read the full article here.

Military vs. Civilian Friends

Soldier Friendship

Amanda Cherry writing for brings us this funny and heartwarming list of the differences between your civilian friends and your military friends. What is clear in this very funny list is that you’re bound to be much closer on a deeper level with people that you’ve spent time in battle with. There’s nothing to be done about that, it can’t be helped and it’s wonderful. You know you’ve had each other’s backs during the toughest of times and nothing can really match that when it comes to civilian friends. It also shows us that while both types of friendship are different, they are also both valuable and necessary. Have a great laugh when you read the full article here.

Explaining Military Life to Civilians

Terri Barnes, author of “Closing the Gap: Understanding your Service (Wo)Man” brings us this article for In the article she touches on the differences between you and your military family and friends. She talks a lot about the book and subjects that are covered there. The book and the article were written in an effort to help those people who have military friends and family to understand them better. However, she says that she also hopes this book will help the military personnel as well when it comes to communicating and relating to their civilian friends and family.

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