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Top US Air Force Bases to Live On

Exclusive Report: The 5 Most Preferred Bases for Airmen

If you’re in the Air Force and looking for your next dream station assignment, then you’re going to want to read this article by Stephen Losey for archive.airforcetimes.com. The article ranks the top five best air bases in the country based on local school quality, cost of living, access to shopping and entertainment and other factors. While some of these bases may be obvious if you’ve been in the service for a while, there are others that might surprise you. From an amazing median home cost of just over 57K near Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, to having access to major league sports teams in every field at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, there’s some amazing bases across the country that have a lot to offer. Find out about these awesome picks.

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MacDill Among Best Bases in Rankings by Air Force Times

If you love the warm Florida weather and fabulous fun places to visit, then you’re going to agree with the Air Force Times and writer Howard Altman for tbo.com, when they talk about why MacDill Air Force Base has been rated among the top in the country when it comes to schools, low housing costs, great medical care, low crime rate, large commissary and shopping opportunities and just overall livability.  With amazing community support from neighboring Tampa, and wonderful weather and employment opportunities beyond the base, it’s no wonder so many Air Force personnel vie for this base assignment and choose to stay in the area after retirement. Check out all the fabulous benefits of MacDill Air Force Base by reading the entire article here.

10 of the Most Attractive Bases for US Military Service Members

Military Base Group

If you joined the military to see the world, then you’re going to enjoy this article by Navy wife, Morgan Deboer for matadornetwork.com. In the article she reviews and gives her pick of the top ten U.S. military bases around the world, for beauty and access to nature and other fabulous sights and features. From an unlikely choice like Guantanamo Naval Base, which actually has a lot of great opportunities for fun and beautiful sight seeing due to its location, to the unsurprising choice of Ramstein Airbase in Germany, which has no end to great sightseeing, not to mention access to the surrounding wine growing region, the bases on her list may give you thoughts on where to ask for your next assignment. Read the full article here.

The 15 Most Amazing Places Uncle Sam Could Send You

With about one thousand military bases worldwide to choose from, when it comes to putting in an application for your next assignment, you might want to read this article by Chloe Fox for huffingtonpost.com, because she’s found some awesome picks that are currently on the chopping block for base closure. You’ll want to make sure you at least visit before these amazing bases get turned into shopping malls or something else mundane. Check out all the gorgeous places by reading the full article here.

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