True Military Friendly Workplaces

Veterans have made a strong contribution to this country in too many ways to count. Although everyone wants to be seen as being military friendly, it also seems that too many businesses don’t really have a commitment to actually be as military friendly of a workplace as they could. This means more than just giving a token military discount and waving the flag on Veterans and Memorial Day. Here are some ways to really tell if you are dealing with true military friendly workplaces.

Carrying Through On Their Commitments:

A true military friendly workplace actually is carrying through on commitments they have made, not simply talking about them. For example, Combined Insurance has not only pledged to hire 4,000 veterans by 2016, but they have actually formed partnerships with organizations like the VA and Hiring Our Heroes to actually follow through on these plans.

Mentoring With Affinity Groups:

An affinity group is a great way to help with the transition from military back into civilian life. This is something many servicemen and women have said is possibly the most difficult for them. A company that simply hires veterans and then walks away either does not have a true understanding of what it is like to be in the military and trying to cope with such a change of life, or they simply are looking at the numbers, hoping to pad their statistics for the next marketing campaign.

A company serious about actually using the talents and skills of military workers and veterans—and many indeed are doing this—will form an affinity group. This group mentors new hires along with participating in the military community and making veterans feel that they still belong to a community.

Working Without The Glory:

Those companies who are truly friends to the military don’t act this way to gain glory or recognition. Instead, they do all of these things quietly, never caring if anyone notices. They do it because they care, think its the right thing to do, and are committed to helping those who have helped them. These businesses are quietly hiring, promoting, and integrating military veterans all throughout their ranks.

In most cases, these companies are not going to brag. You would have to ask them how many veterans they employ—and they still might not even be able to tell you an exact number. If they have made a public hiring pledge, chances are they have already surpassed this level a long time ago so they generally no longer participate in any big hiring campaigns or drives used by companies with much lower levels of military hires.

People You Know Work There:

This last one is pretty simple. If there are people you were in combat with or are friends with from a military background, chances are that company is probably pretty military friendly. You will likely be able to find someone within the company who has a similar background to talk with. Or perhaps military spouses work there.

One of the most interesting things about civilian life after the military is that veterans still tend to stick together. We always look after our own. You will most likely recognize a military friendly workplace almost immediately.

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