What’s It Like Dating a Veteran?

Dating anyone can be an exciting roller coaster ride. If you are dating a combat veteran however, the experiences can be a whole lot different than with anyone else. Here are some things you might want to know about before or while you are dating a combat veteran.

Many veterans (and friends of veterans) love our Military flags, American flags and Flag Poles to proudly fly and remember their friends who paid the ultimate price.

How Dating a Veteran Taught Me That Our Country Doesn’t Really Protect Returning Service Members

In this article from Bustle, the author describes the experiences she had while dating a veteran for two years. She describes how in that time, she was able to witness first hand the treatment that veterans have to deal with when coming home after combat and the difficulties they have to endure in many cases. An eye opening and emotional story, you can check out this moving article in its entirety here.

What It’s Like To Love a Combat Veteran

Another first hand account of someone who is with a veteran, this vet’s spouse gives great insight on what these veterans go through that we as civilians simply don’t realize on the surface. She makes an excellent point about how her vet has given her a peace in her life due to the sacrifices he made. You can read more about her story in the full article here.

Dating a Veteran

For Veteran Couples, Some Things Don’t Need To Be Said

A very fascinating look into what it is like for two veterans to date one another, this article comes from the perspective of one combat veteran discussing herself and another veteran beginning a relationship. The writer talks about meshing their experiences together and helping one another cope with issues in their jobs. You can check out the article in its entirety here.

Top 10 Things Your Combat Vet Wants You to Know

A great look into the mind of a combat vet from the take of a psychiatrist, this writer shares what combat vets are feeling and what they are sharing, that they might not be telling their spouses. From how they deal with day to day struggles, to attachment issues, this is an outstanding read for anyone dating a veteran. You can check out the full article here.

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