Who Offers Military Airfare Discounts?

Confirmed: Southwest Airlines Does Offer a Military Fare

Military personnel and their families are often required to travel. In this article by Krystel for armywife101.com, she gives us the low down on Southwest Airlines’ military discounts. Apparently, all you need is your ID and the military person has to be on active duty. This is a great help to those military personnel who have to travel and to the families because now you can afford to go visit your service member when they are in another location, or they can afford to come home more often. Check out all the details by reading the full article here.

Veteran and Military Deals & Discounts

In this article posted on Militaryconnection.com, we find out that it’s not only airlines who are giving our proud military service members a discount, but also a whole bunch of other retail and service providers. From flowers to clothing and much more, if you’re a military service member, you can get discounts at tons of places. You do need to have your ID with you and you will need to ask about it as many places don’t advertise their discounts. However, when you read the full article here, you’ll be surprised at just how many places offer wonderful discounts to our incredibly deserving military service members.

Airfare Side

3 Ways to get the Cheapest Flights as a Service Member

You’ll be amazed at the great discounts and programs for airfare listed in this article posted on Military.com. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or official business, there are flight discounts available to you that will save you a lot of money. If you’re on official business, remember to check out the GSA City Pair Airfare, not only are these rates heavily discounted, up to 74%, but they also give you tons of flexibility in your flight plan, stay time and when you need to travel. There’s a lot of other great tips in this article as well for non-official flights so you’ll want to read the entire article here.

Travel for U.S. Military and Federal Government Personnel

Whether you’re traveling on military or federal government business, you’ll want to read this article posted on United.com. While United does offer discounts and special military fares, they have very strict guidelines they follow when issuing these fares and you’ll want to read the entire article here to make sure you have everything you need to get the best discount.

Airlines Military Discounts

Not only do our wonderful military service personnel get great airline fare discounts, but according to this article posted on Militarydiscountscentral.com, they also get some great breaks on baggage fees and flight change or cancelation fees. With many airlines waiving the baggage fee altogether, others waive it on up to five bags, and cancel the height and weight requirements. These discounts often apply only to military service personnel and their families while on active duty, but there are also quite a few who extend these discounts to retirees. In addition, if you’re getting discharged and going home, these discounts will apply to you as well. Read the full article here to get all the details.

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