How to Celebrate Labor Day

In case you didn’t get the memo, Labor Day is right around the corner. Held annually on the first Monday in September, it’s an official federal holiday. Labor Day lives up to its namesake by recognizing and honoring our nation’s workers. There are over 160 million workers in the United States, each of whom plays an important role in fostering our nation’s commercial infrastructure. So, what can you do to celebrate Labor Day this year?

Attend a Local Labor Day Parade

Whether you live on the East Coast, the West Coast or anywhere else in the United States, there’s probably at least one local parade taking place near you on Labor Day. The first Labor Day parade was actually held as far back as the late 1800s in New York City. Since then, hundreds of other U.S. cities — big and small alike — have adopted their own Labor Day parades. You can typically attend these local Labor Day parades free of charge, making them a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate this official federal holiday.

Go Shopping

It may sound unusual, but shopping is actually a meaningful way to celebrate Labor Day. The purpose of Labor Day is to recognize workers in the United States. When you go shopping, you are helping businesses and their respective workers make money. Furthermore, many stores and businesses offer steep discounts on Labor Day. Depending on what specifically you are looking to buy, you may be able to save anywhere from 10% to 50% off the original price by purchasing it on Labor Day. This is just one more reason to go shopping on Labor Day.

Display the American Flag

Labor Day offers the perfect opportunity to display the American flag. As explained by The American Legion, Labor Day is listed as one of the official days on which the American Flag should be flown. Whether it’s in front of your home, in front of your business or elsewhere, you should proudly display the American Flag on Labor Day.

Host a Neighborhood Barbecue

Finally, you can celebrate Labor Day by hosting a neighborhood barbecue. Being that Labor Day is an official federal holiday, government employees have the day off. Additionally, many private businesses either aren’t opened or they close early on Labor Day. With so many Americans having the day off, Labor Day is the perfect time to host a neighborhood barbecue.

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