5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Current American Flag

The American flag hasn’t always featured the same design. Since its instruction in the 18th century, it’s gone through numerous changes. Each additional state, for instance, resulted in a new star added to the American flag. The current American flag, of course, features 13 stripes and 50 stars, the latter of which represent the country’s

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of West Virginia

Have you come across the flag of West Virginia? It features a colorful and symbolic design that’s become synonymous with the Southern state.  Whether you live in West Virginia, or if you’re simply passing through it, you’ll probably see the flag of West Virginia displayed in front of homes and businesses. To learn more about

What Is the Brandywine Flag?

The American flag isn’t the only flag that’s part of our nation’s history. There are other significant flags, including the Brandywine flag. The Brandywine flag receives its namesake from the Battle of Brandywine. It was flown during this historic battle, making it an essential part of our nation’s history. While you’re probably familiar with the

History of the Flag of Rhode Island

Rhode Island might be the smallest state in the country, but it still has its own official flag. It consists of a gold-colored anchor encircled by a ring of stars. Below the anchor is the word “HOPE.”  The flag of Rhode Island features a simple design that’s become synonymous with the coastal state. Even if

Heads Up: Navy Day Is a Flag Holiday

Do you own an American flag? If so, you should display on Navy Day. Held annually on October  27, Navy Day is an official flag holiday. The U.S. Flag Code recommends displaying the American flag every day of the year. However, it includes a list of days on which it’s particularly fitting to display the

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of Alabama

Have you encountered the official Alabama state flag? Like all states, Alabama has its own flag. It features a simple design consisting of a crimson-colored cross. You can find the Alabama state flag displayed in front of countless homes and businesses throughout the Southern state. Even if you’ve seen it, though, there are probably some

5 Fun Facts About the US Presidential Flag

The United States has dozens of official flags. In addition to the American flag, it has the presidential flag. Also known as the presidential standard, it lives up to its namesake by symbolizing the President of the United States. You can find the U.S. presidential flag displayed in the White House. When the U.S. President

The History of the Wyoming State Flag

Each U.S. state has an official flag — and Wyoming is no exception. The Wyoming state flag, in fact, has been around for over a century. Since then, the design has only been changed a single time. Whether you live in Wyoming or elsewhere, you may have encountered the Wyoming state flag. Countless homeowners and

How to Protect Your American Flag From Fraying

When displaying the American flag in front of your home or business, you need to ensure that it’s protected from damage. American flags can fray when neglected. Fraying is a common form of damage in which the exterior of the fabric unravels or wears down. All American flags are made of some type of fabric.

What Is the US Coast Guard Flag?

The U.S. Coast Guard is responsible for protecting and preserving our nation’s coasts. More specifically, it carries out six maritime-related duties: maritime law enforcement, maritime prevention, maritime transportation management, maritime response, maritime security and maritime defense. As a branch of the U.S. military, though, the U.S. Coast Guard has its own flag. What is the