What Is the Flag of Los Angeles?

States aren’t the territories in the United States that have an official flag. Many U.S. cities have an official flag as well. Los Angeles is one such flag-bearing city. The flag of Los Angeles is synonymous with the City of Angeles. What is the flag of Los Angeles exactly? Overview of the Flag of Los […]

The History of the Utah State Flag

Have you seen the official Utah state flag? It consists of the state’s seal positioned in the center of a blue field. You can find the Utah state flag proudly displayed in front of countless homes, businesses and municipal properties throughout the Beehive State. The Utah state flag, however, hasn’t always featured this design. It’s […]

5 Fun Facts About the Nevada State Flag

Have you come across the Nevada state flag? Consisting of the state’s emblem against a blue field, it’s become synonymous with The Silver State. It even references the state’s defacto nickname in a subtle manner. While the Nevada state flag has been around for over a century, however, most Americans don’t know its true origins. […]

How to Prevent Your American Flag From Sliding Down the Pole

Does your American flag constantly slide down the pole on which it’s displayed? With the exception of half-staff occasions, the American flag should always be raised to the top of a pole (known as full staff). It’s a provision of the U.S. Flag Code, which dictates how our country’s flag should be displayed, handled and […]

5 Fun Facts About the Michigan State Flag

When researching some of the different flags in the United States, you may come across the Michigan state flag. Each state has its own official flag — and Michigan is no exception. Michigan has had an official flag for over a century. While its design has evolved since then, it’s proudly displayed in front of […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Flag Pole

You can’t display the American flag in front of your home or business without investing in a flag pole. When raised to the top of a flag pole, your American flag will hang and flow naturally in the wind. Not all flag poles are the same, however. While they all consist of a pole, they […]

The Evolution of the American Flag and How It Has Changed Over Time

The American flag hasn’t always featured the same design. When most people envision the American flag, they think of the modern-day design consisting of 50 stars and 13 red-and-white stripes. The American flag has featured this design for over a half-century. As a result, it’s become synonymous with our country’s official flag. Long before it […]

5 Fun Facts About the Oregon State Flag

Have you seen the Oregon state flag? It features a simple yet attractive design against a navy-colored field. You can find the Oregon state flag proudly displayed in front of countless homes and businesses throughout the Beaver State — as well as other states. Even if you’ve seen it, though, you might be surprised to […]

What Is the Gadsden Flag?

Have you come across a yellow-colored flag featuring the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me?” Known as the Gadsden flag, it’s commonly displayed throughout the United States. The Gadsden flag has been around since the American Revolution. While originally used by the Continental Army, it’s since made its way into the homes of millions of Americans. […]

What Does the Tennessee State Flag Symbolize?

Have you come across the Tennessee state flag? If so, you might be wondering what it symbolizes. Each of the country’s 50 states has an official flag — and Tennessee is no exception. The Tennessee state flag consists of a bright yet simple design that’s become synonymous with the Southern state. What does the Tennessee […]