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How the American Flag Is Used in Funerals

During any given year, over 2 million funerals will take place in the United States. Funeral ceremonies often have different traditions. Many of them, however, involve the use of the American flag. If you’ve attended a funeral in the past, you may recall seeing the American flag. For well over a century, the American flag

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of the United States Space Force

The United States Space Force is the latest branch of our country’s military. Created Dec. 20, 2019, its mission is to organize, train and equip the U.S. military with space fighting and defense capabilities. Like all other branches of the U.S. military, the Space Force has an official flag. Below are five fun about the flag of

What Is the Flag of Arkansas?

Have you encountered the flag of Arkansas? Featuring 29 stars with the same red, white and blue color scheme as the American flag, it’s commonly displayed throughout the Bear State. Overview of the Flag of Arkansas The flag of Arkansas features the state’s name in the center of a diamond. At the top of the

Why You Shouldn’t Fly the American Flag Upside Down

The U.S. Flag Code allows the American flag to be flown at half-staff for certain occasions. On days of mourning, for instance, you may notice the American flag being flown at half-staff throughout the country. Memorial Day is another day on which it’s acceptable to fly the American at half-staff. From sunrise to noon, the

What Is the Flag of Kentucky?

Each state in the United States has an official flag. For over a century, Kentucky has recognized a design featuring the Seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as its official flag. You can see an example of this design in the adjacent image. To learn more about the flag of Kentucky, including its origins and

5 Facts About the Flag of Colorado

The great state of Colorado has an official flag. It features a colorful design consisting of blue, gold, white and red. Each of these colors symbolizes a specific element of the Centennial State. Whether you live in Colorado or elsewhere, you may want to display the flag of Colorado. Before doing so, however, there are

A Look Back at the Old Glory Flag

The American flag has many nicknames. It’s commonly referred to as the Star-Spangled Banner and Old Glory. The term “Old Glory,” however, also refers to a specific version of the American flag. It was designed in the early 19th century. Like other versions of the American flag, the Old Glory flag featured a set of

What Is the Flag of Reno, Nevada?

Did you know that Reno, Nevada has its own official flag? Located in the northwestern part of Nevada is a large city named Reno. It’s right outside of Lake Tahoe, making it a popular tourist destination. While Reno isn’t the capital of Nevada — Carson City is the capital — it has an official flag.

5 Facts About the Flag of Alaska

Alaska was one of the last states to gain statehood. It was added to the United States in 1959. Alaska became an official state during the first part of this year, whereas Hawaii became an official state in the latter part of 1959. Like all states, though, Alaska has an official flag. It features a

How to Display a Military Flag With the American Flag

Are you planning to display a military flag with the American flag? Each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has its own official flag. There’s a flag for the U.S. Army, a flag for the U.S. Marine Corps, a flag for the U.S. Navy, a flag for the U.S. Air Force, a flag for the

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