Top Jobs for Veterans

When it comes to transitioning from a life of military service work into the civilian workforce, some veterans feel like they are at a disadvantage. However, as we have found in the following articles, not only are many companies looking to hire veterans for all of their specialized skills, but also because they find veterans are excellent employees. In addition, the articles discuss how the skills that you learned in the military can easily translate into the civilian workforce if you look at the basics of the skill sets you acquired. Management is one of the most misunderstood of these skill sets. Even if you weren’t an officer, chances are good you were still often put in positions of having to manage people and supplies and those skills can easily transfer into the civilian work force. We hope you enjoy the articles below and that they help you find work outside of the military that you enjoy and excel at.

Top 20 Hot Jobs for Veterans 2014

It’s often daunting to get back into the corporate world after you’ve been serving in the military which is what makes this article posted on so awesome. They went to some of the top companies that love hiring veterans and asked them what types of jobs they were looking to fill, what the requirements were for those jobs, and what kind of pay people could expect to get and the list might just blow your mind. From IT jobs making almost seventy thousand a year, to engineers looking at bringing in over eighty five thousand a year, there are some great jobs making excellent money available for veterans coming back to the corporate workforce. Check out all the options by reading the full article here.

Best Veteran Employers: A Top-35 List


In this article posted on, we get not only a the top thirty five companies that are great for veterans, but also links to current job offers for those companies and opportunities to give your own opinion of these companies, or to add one that you know of to the list. The list was put together by Civilian Job News and they compiled a group of companies that include both small and large companies that are involved in all kinds of areas. In addition to the information in this article, there are links to other articles to get you closer to the employers you are interested in. Read the full article here and get the low down on the next career for you.

The 10 Best Jobs for Veterans

Susan Adams writing for brings us a wealth of information on the best jobs for veterans. She mentions that the jobs listed in the article are based on the types of skills one gets in the military and the sorts of fields those translate well to in the civilian world. In addition, she discusses the term manager in a job description and to realize that no matter your official rank, you probably had a lot of opportunities to manage people, supplies and situations in your duties and to take that into account when applying for jobs because your employer will understand you have those skills. To get all the great information, read the full article here.

Top Jobs for Military Veterans

In this article, you will find some of the best job opportunities for veterans. The article focuses on jobs that are easily translated from the military to the civilian end of the workforce. From construction program manager to telecommunications specialist, you’ll be able to find a whole host of jobs that are going to be right up your alley. Check out the full list by reading the entire article here.

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