Heads Up: June 14 Is National Flag Day in the United States

Father’s Day isn’t the only holiday in June. Another holiday that’s celebrated in the month of June is National Flag Day. Held annually on June 14, it’s intended to celebrate the adoption of the American Flag. Whether you’re familiar with National Flag Day or not, you should consider participating in this meaningful holiday by displaying the American flag in front of your home or business. To learn more about National Flag Day and how it began, keep reading.

Origins of National Flag Day

National Flag Day began in 1916 following a proclamation by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. It’s designed to celebrate and commemorate the country’s adoption of its first official flag, which occurred on June 14, 1777. During his proclamation, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson designated June 14 as the day on which the American flag’s adoption would be celebrated.

While U.S. President Woodrow Wilson issued the proclamation for National Flag Day in 1916, it wasn’t recognized as a state holiday until many years later. In 1937, Pennsylvania officially recognized National Flag Day as a state holiday. Even today, National Flag Day isn’t considered a federal holiday. It is, however, recognized as an official state holiday in many places, including Pennsylvania.

How to Celebrate National Flag Day

You can celebrate National Flag Day by proudly displaying the American flag in front of your home or business. After all, the fundamental purpose of National Flag Day is to commemorate the country’s adoption of its first official flag. If you have an American flag, display it atop a flagpole in front of your home or business. Of course, you should only display it from sunrise to sunset unless it’s illuminated. Without any form of lighting, you’ll need to take down your American flag after sunset on National Flay Day.

Many cities and municipalities also host local events on National Flag Day as well. You can check your local newspapers to see if there are any events occurring in your area. Parades, for example, are common on National Flag Day. Troy, New York is known for hosting massively sized parades on National Flag Day. In 2017, the city’s annual National Flag Day parade attracted over 50,000 attendees. Whether you live in New York or elsewhere, though, there are probably parades or other events being held in your area. You just need to find them.

In Conclusion

The United States adopted its first official flag on June 14, 1777. To celebrate this adoption, June 14 is recognized as National Flag Day.

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