State Flags

Our State Flags are only made in the United States of America! At Star Spangled Flags, all our flags are crafted using high quality nylon and treated to prevent pre-mature fading. Every flag comes with a certification label as proof.

We use only the hardiest thread, so the stitches stay strong. You will notice we use lock stitching to prevent unraveling, so your flags’ stitching will hold much longer than other flags that use only chain stitching. We’ve added quadruple stitching to the fly end helping it last even longer! All 50 of our State flags at Star Spangled Flags are started and finished onsite to assure government and military standards are satisfied. Our flag manufacturing procedures guarantees that we provide you with unmatchable quality and value when searching for the highest standard in your own State Flag. Every state has its’ own unique flag symbolizing its’ history using colors, patterns, crests, seals, coat of arms, animals, and many other designs. Each State Flag is manufactured in compliance with the corresponding State’s official flag law. Whether you live in the Evergreen State of Washington, the Pine Tree State of Maine, or even the Sunshine State of Florida, we have the State flag for you! If we may ever be of assistance, please choose [CONTACT] at the bottom of any page. You may send an email or give us a call and we will assist you as soon as possible.